28 February 2019

1974-50 Years Of Heavy Metal

Lynyrd Skynard – Second Helping

Released 15.04.1974

Apart from Deep Purples Smoke on the water , the next over played riff in every guitar shop across the plant is Sweet Home Alabama off Lynyrd Skynryd second helping LP, cleverly enough their 2nd full release. That song alone must have kept the only original member , Gary Rossington in a few decent jeans ever since (the infamous plane crash in 1977 changed everything). The albums most famous song overshadows the depth of the rest of the 7 tracks, including staple favourites , Working for MCA , Don’t ask any questions and needle and the spoon. Southern Rock never sounded any better than this.

Ronnie Van Zant – lead vocals
Gary Rossington – guitar
Allen Collins – guitar
Ed King – guitar, backing vocals, bass
Billy Powell – keyboards
Leon Wilkeson – bass, backing vocals
Bob Burns – drums


Queen – Sheer heart attack

Released 08.11.1974

Hepatitis is not fun, but without it Queens 3rd album would not have turned out as it did. Brian May was hospitalised during their tour in the US which had to be cancelled , whilst recovering the band started writing new material. Sheer Heart Attack is the bands heaviest record, Stone cold crazy is the closest the band got to heavy metal , it was so fast at the time, it has been suggested it was the for runner of thrash metal before thrash metal existed. The rest of the album is pure Queen as they are now viewed, Killer Queen and Brighton Rock show May at his finest , and the rest of the band are far from shabby. Queen were a tour de force live and this record only helped to enforce their reputation. If your only impression of Queen are Radio Gaga and similar 1980’s pop tosh , give this record a play and you will understand why Metallica and many older rockers rate the band and this album as a rock classic.

Freddie Mercury – lead vocals piano
Brian May – electric guitar backing vocals piano lead vocals , acoustic guitar
Roger Taylor – drums backing vocals percussion lead vocals
John Deacon – bass guitar, acoustic guitar electric guitar double bass

Reviewed by our Dj Simon

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1975- 50 Years of Metal