03 March 2019

1977- 50 Years Of Metal

The Runaways-Queen’s Of Noise

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Queen’s Of Noise was recorded in 1976 in Santa Monica Ca at Brother’s Studio’s and later released in 1977.With member’s Cherie Currie,Joan Jet,Lita Ford,Jackie Fox and Sandy West. The band have inspired many women over the year’s from all type’s of genre’s. This in fact was the band’s best selling album and unfortunately the last album the band had produced together as the the original line up.Although the riff’s and lyric’s were simple it gave the band their signature sound we all know today .The most popular track’s off the album were ‘Hollywood’ and I love playin with fire’.

The Lp consisted of,

  • Queens of noise
  • Take it or leave it
  • Midnight Music
  • Born to be bad
  • Neon angel’s on the road to ruin
  • I love playin with fire
  • California paradise
  • Hollywood
  • Heartbeat
  • Johnny Guitar



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Released 11.10.1977

The band UFO formed in 1968 , their first few albums are , without being brutal , rubbish.
However , things changed in 1974 with the release of Phenomenon with the classic line up of
Mogg, Way , Parker and the introduction of a 19 years old precocious guitarist called
Micheal Schenker. This line up with Paul Raymond joining the quartet released 5 albums
between 74-78 and the classic double live Strangers in the night.
Lights out is arguably the strongest of the 5 studio LPs and containing concert staples of Too
hot to handle , just another suicide , electric phase, the title track and one of the greatest
songs ever recorded Love to Love.
UFO should have been the biggest rock band ever known, but life style access and ego
fuelled in -fighting stopped that potential. Phil Mogg, the only constant member is touring the
current line up for the last time this year and the set list will consist of as does Schenker’s
band songs from those 5 albums but specifically this one.
During those four or so years in the mid 70’s , UFO were on fire. On a bad night, which there
were a few, they still gave every other band on the circuit a run for their money. On a good
night they were unbeatable, and when on full form , nothing short of stellar.
UFO will be remembered as a band that never reached their full potential , but in doing so left
some of the greatest rock music in their wake , of which Lights out which was their best
studio longer player.
Phil Mogg – vocals
Michael Schenker – lead guitar
Paul Raymond – rhythm guitar, keyboards
Pete Way – bass


Meatloaf- Bat Out Of Hell

While I try to avoid swearing too much when writing for Midlands Metalheads, the only appropriate
way to describe Bat Out Of Hell is “fucking ludicrous”. Many albums have everything dialled up to
eleven. Jim Steinman made sure everything on this album was dialled up to at least fifteen. Heavy
metal has always been somewhat theatrical, but Bat… clearly influenced that in bands going into the
future, Ghost have clearly heard this album a couple of times, for example. But no one has come
close the excess apparent on this album. The screaming lead guitars, driving drumming and belted
vocals are all so classic and essential that they could come across as a parody of rock music, if they
weren’t delivered with such conviction. The ballads, Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad, Heaven Can Wait
and For Crying Out Loud, are all incredibly sweet and almost wet, but the theatricality of the album
prevents them from being eye rollingly bad. That’s to say nothing of the absurd spoken word section
at the beginning of You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth and the baseball commentary
section (yes you read that right) in Paradise By The Dashboard Light. The commitment and passion
evident in this record saves every moment that would fail on any other moment and elevates it to a
sheer stroke of genius. It’s being encompassed in this ridiculous musical canvas that makes the
aforementioned baseball commentary section in album highlight, Paradise By The Dashboard Light,
seem like a sensible and reasonable thing to have done during that part of the song. Regardless of
any of the rest of their output, Bat Out Of Hell rightfully elevates Jim Steinman and Meatloaf to
legendary status. I normally comment on the impact on heavy metal of these albums, here I don’t
need to. Just listen to it and you’ll see it.

1978- 50 Years Of Metal