20 March 2019

1996- 50 Years Of Metal

Sepultura- Roots


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The album was released on the 12th March in 1996 on Road Runner Record’s and was recorded in California. This was Sepultura’s last studio album together with brother’s Max and Igor Cavalera, The album’s is well known for it’s element’s of heavy thrash and high pitched guitar solo’s. Max’s vocal’s on the album are influenced by his love for hard core punk and industrial metal also embracing the band’s Brazilian heritage. This was an iconic album in the 90’s and the self titled track ‘Roots’ has got to be one of the most played metal tracks up to this day!




Inflames– The Jester Race


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In Flames released  their second studio album ‘The Jester Race’ on the 20th February 1996 with member’s Ander’s Friden, Jesper Stomblad,Glen Ljungstom,Johan Larsson and Bjorn Gelotte on Nuclear Blast Records. The bands influences on the album were based off their passion for melodic death metal with element’s of their Swedish heritage, I find the song’s are very catchy and nostalgic. Ander’s vocal’s on the album are deep and a little bit screechy  . ‘The Jester Race’ was rated number 79 in the top 100 greatest metal album’s of all time. The album is easy listening and a good start for someone wanting to get in to melodic death metal.




1997- 50 Years Of Metal