20 March 2019

1997- 50 Years Of Metal

Coal Chamber- Coal Chamber

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Coal Chamber’s self titled album was released on February 11th in 1997 on Roadrunner Record’s with members Dez Farara,Meegs Rascon,Rayna Foss and Mike Cox. This has got to be one of the most iconic album’s of the 90’s with their main hit song being ‘Loco’.This came out during the wave of the found genre ‘Nu metal’. Dez’s chaotic unique vocal’s Went hand in hand with their industrial sound and chuggy guitar riffs.




Him-Greatest Love songs-Volume 666


The album was released in Finland in 1997 and only took 15 days to record.It was later internationally released in 1998 with member’s Ville Valo, Minde,Mige,Antto Melasniemi and Pätkä . This album was inspired by the darker side of romance and had guest musicians during the recording of the album .With Ville Valos mixture of soft and deeper vocal’s,the heavy guitar riffs,accompanied by the band’s love for classical music ,this all created their signature Gothic metal sound .The most popular tracks off the album were ‘Your sweet six six six’ and ‘When Love And Death Embrace’ .They also covered The Blue Oyster Cults track ‘Don’t fear the reaper’. This album represent’s the band’s perception on life and death and you can even see this in the album cover as Ville wanted it to look like a body was fading to a skeleton. Greatest Love Songs – Vol 666 was the album that kicked off Him’s career,following the release of this album was their first tour.




1998- 50 Years Of Metal