01 April 2019

2006 – 50 Years Of Metal

Hatebreed- Supremacy

Words by Matthew Brooks

The sound of this record will surprise no one familiar with Hatebreed. It keeps the core sound of chunky metallic riffing and Jamey Jasta’s hardcore bark that’s present across all of Hatebreed’s discography. It’s another record that cements Hatebreed as one of the most successful hardcore bands of all time. Where Sick of it All made it clear that hardcore and metal could co-exist, Hatebreed made the bold statement that they were part of the same world. There’s something here for fans of both genres, and if you take nothing else away from this record it’s got some incredible beatdowns. Lyrically, Jamey is on top form with his PMA fuelled declarations, always giving a simple slogan to shout back live. It’s life affirming and comes to its peak on one of modern hardcore’s biggest anthems- Destroy Everything. There’s something fantastic about the energy of this record, sitting still while listening to it is impossible, and not starting a one man pit is difficult to resist. It’s an album of genuine fun, but with a sense of seriousness. It’s crushing, bouncy and ultimately brilliant.