02 April 2019

2007- 50 Years Of Metal

Machine Head- The Blackening


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The Blackening is an album that I know inside out. But every time I hear it I’m blown away by how brilliant it is. It’s a storm of riffs. Heavy, crushing and beyond comparison. It’s the Master of Puppets of my generation. Colossal, genre defining anthems like Halo and Clenching the Fist Of Dissent. Rage fuelled thrashed Aesthetics of Hate. Groove heaven Now I Lay Thee Down. There’s not a single song on here that’s anything less than brilliant. Song structures are pushed to their limits, with an incredible effect. Lead guitars of a classic persuasion are littered all over the album, underpinned by excellent bass work and a typically fantastic drum performance from Dave McClain. Robb Flynn’s vocals are raw when screaming and warm when singing. There’s not a single band thing about this album. Stop wasting time and go listen to it.