03 April 2019

2008-50 Years Of Metal

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The year is 2008, everybody is wearing neon colours and rocking a long side swept fringe. This was the year that the debut album Someday Came Suddenly was released by the electronicore/metalcore/post hardcore group, Attack Attack!

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Attack Attack! Unknowingly released an album that was both loved and hated. It divided people, which probably helped contribute to the album’s commercial success. The biggest criticism the album had was the fact that it featured heavy metalcore sounds fused with electronic synth sounds and autotune. However, the unapologetic autotune and synth wasn’t hidden within the mix, it was a prominent part of the sound which ultimately helped give the band a stand out edge.

The album, whether it was loved or hated, helped pave the way for the late 00’s early 10’s metalcore. A formula of new sound was created that hadn’t been part of the metalcore scene before which led to bands such as Abandon All Ships and Asking Alexandria, to name a few.As well as creating this new sound, one more iconic things spawned from the album. The term Crabcore was then identified with this genre of metalcore, if it had heavy open E string riffs and electronic dance then it was Crabcore. Bands of this genre had a tendency to perform while standing with feet very widely apart, or… like a crab, look at the video for Stick Stickly which epitomises this perfectly.

Not only did this album pioneer a new sound of metal, it also helped establish two well known acts within the scene now. Part of the original line up consisted of Austin Carlile (unclean vocals) and Caleb Shomo (keyboard, guitar, backing vocals). Austin formed the band Of Mice & Men, and while no longer a member of the band can still be credited for much of the success. Caleb went on to form the band Beartooth, who, along with with Of Mice & Men, are now very much household names within the scene.