03 April 2019

2009- 50 Years Of Metal

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The year is 2008 and five young guys from the UK decided to join together to become a band now known as Asking Alexandria. Although Asking Alexandria was originally founded in Dubai by Ben Bruce, the band moved back over to the UK and it was in back in the UK where Ben met Danny Worsnop. Shortly after, Cameron Liddell, Sam Bettley, and James Cassells came along and the line current line up was formed. Then, in 2009, the iconic Stand Up and Scream graced the shelves of stores all over the world.

Stand Up and Scream was the debut album of Asking Alexandria and it was a huge commercial success. The sound was described as “if The Devil Wears Prada and Enter Shikari had a child” by stickers found on the album across many stores. The album features heavy guitar riffs, clean/unlcean vocals, synth fusion, and a certain arrogant carefree attitude which give the tracks character.

Stand Up and Scream was produced by Joey Sturgis, who notably, also produced the hugely successful Someday Came Suddenly by Attack Attack! It’s no secret that both albums have similarities, most obvious is the introduction to What Happens If I Can’t Check My MySpace When We Get There from Attack Attack! and Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria. Whether this is pure coincidence or not, it has to be said that the formula of music writing was starting to become hugely popular, and Joey was at the forefront of it.

Much like Attack Attack! Asking Alexandria divided people, but this argument of whether the genre was ‘good’ or not only helped bring attention to the genre and indirectly make it more popular. Asking Alexandria were still able to maintain an identity with the album,  it could be said that being from the UK gave them that certain edge as the scene was dominated with American bands at the time. Or they could have just found a ‘spin’ on the genre and made it their own through their writing and delivery; there’s not many other bands out there were able to replicate the sound at the time.

Love it or hate it, Stand Up and Scream was a key album in a epoch of Metalcore.