07 April 2019

2012- 50 Years Of Metal

                                                                                                                                 Paradise Lost- Tragic Idol

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This album has got to be one of my most favourite album’s by Paradise Lost. The band started the album in November 2016 and was later released in April 2018 on Century Media Record’s. Nick Holmes vocal’s were absolutely flawless on this album and you can feel how deep and heart full the lyric’s mean to him. With the band’s catchy riff’s that don’t leave your head for day’s and harmonised guitar’s playing, it really did bring the whole album together. Tragic Idol was not an album you felt like you had to skip to get to the next track you wanted ,it just effortlessly flowed.


The track listing consisted of,

  1. Solitary One
  2. Crucify
  3. Fear Of The Impending Hell
  4. Honesty in Death
  5. Theories from Another World
  6. In This We Dwell
  7. Tragic Idol
  8. Worth Fighting For
  9. The Glorious End





Paradise Lost- Hammerfest 2019


Paradise Lost are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary after forming in 1988 and are originally from Yorkshire-England, and i was lucky enough to catch them on this tour. The band played on Friday 22nd March at one of HRH festival’s called Hammerfest. The band were headlining the evening and didn’t fail to deliver a flawless performance.

The band’s current line up are,

Nick Holmes – Vocals,
Greg Mackintosh – Lead Guitar
Aaron Aedy – Rhythm Guitar
Steve Edmondson – Bass Guitar
Waltteri Väyrynen – Drums

As previously stated Holme’s vocal’s are just as powerful and tight live as they are on the albums produced.It’s almost like you’ve literally just turned on a vinyl or a cd. The band played a mixture in their set,even dating back to to as early as 1990 when they released ‘Lost Paradise’The band have changed their sound throughout the year’s and have bounced between the genre’s Gothic and Doom metal.Rather than typing up their set list i lucky enough to catch a snap of it,




You might also want to check out the photo’s from the evening.

HRH Hammerfest Friday 22 March 2019