08 April 2019

2013-50 Years Of Metal

                                                                                                                                              Black Sabbath-13

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It would be unforgivable if we missed out the final album from the band that started it all. After a scattered array of live reunions and years of rumours, Black Sabbath finally re-entered the studio to record their first original music in well over a decade, an album entitled simply 13. Original members Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne were joined by drummer Brad Wilk as original drummer, Bill Ward, decided not to participate (much to the disappointment of many die-hard fans). There was a certain amount of apprehension around this release: could the band still produce their old magic after all these years? As it turns out, the separation may have done the band some good, as 13 is their finest work since their 70s heyday. Some tracks are a little too obviously emulating classic Sabbath tracks, but I doubt anyone has even the slightest problem with that.  Most would agree that yes, it isn’t a masterpiece, but that didn’t stop it collecting an array of album-of-the-year awards plus a Grammy for lead single “God Is Dead”. Even after all those years, Iommi and co. were still showing people that when it comes to doom-laden, apocalyptic heavy metal, Black Sabbath were the masters. While it isn’t the album that they are remembered for, 13 added a fitting final touch to the reputation of the founding fathers of heavy metal: Black Sabbath.