12 April 2019

2017- 50 Years Of Metal

Code Orange- Forever

Words by Matthew Brooks

When Forever came out it took the rock world by storm, Code Orange were- and still are- massively hyped up by the press and it’s easy to see why. On first listen it’s the melody that leaps out at you against the back drop of crushing hardcore riffing. Bleeding in the Blur is an anthem any grunge band would have been proud of. Ugly is sinister and menacing until the explosion of the chorus. On repeated listens the industrial/electronic elements start to come through as a stand out elements. The horrible, squealing crunch at the end of Kill The Creator, dream2’s creepy ambience and Hurt Goes On’s glitchy soundscapes are some of the best uses of these elements by any rock band. This all seems to downplay how brilliant the straight up hardcore elements are. The slamming, groovy riffs and breakdowns that permeate the record are incredible in their own right, and the mosh call in Real- “This is real now… MOTHERFUCKER!”- is the best of the decade. The rule book is shredded when it comes to song structure. Songs will stop in the middle of a riff if the band want them to, often sitting in ambient electronics before slamming back in out of nowhere. All of these elements are brilliant on their own, but it’s the perfect blend of them all that makes Forever an album that will stand as an all time classic. We’re at the point of 50 Years of metal that we’re no longer looking to the past, we’re looking to the future. Forever has cemented Code Orange as the future of heavy music.