31 August 2018

The Breakfast Show 31.8.18



Listen to two hours of top rock classics and new releases, as well as an exclusive interview with Rachel Bolan from Skid Row!



Deep Purple – Highway Star

Scorpions – Blackout

Metallica – Holier Than Thou

Gin Annie – Chains

The New Roses – One More For The Road

Stone Broken – Worth Fighting For

Nazareth – Pole To Pole

Thunder – Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor

Khymera – Say What You Want

Skid Row – Monkey Business

U.D.O – A Bite Of Evil

Led Zeppelin – Dancing Days

Bad Touch – Skyman

Hell’s Addiction – Lost

Motorhead – No Class

Magnum – Maybe Tonight

Black Sabbath – Killing Yourself To Live

Testament – Agony

Kiss – Deuce

Samson – Vice Versa

Saints Of Sin – Rocket

The Wildhearts – V-Day

Thin Lizzy – Bad Habits