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Midlands Metalheads Radio is expanding and now providing an even bigger service for businesses, from the big dogs to the small fries, we'll get your name out there. With our competitive prices, we'll ensure you get value for money.  Our station runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, covering a huge range of Rock and Metal for all our listeners, from Classic Rock to Extreme Metal, Progressive Rock, Blues, Acoustic to Unsigned and Independent artists and many more, with a listener base averaging around 490,000 Thousand per month, the perfect reason to get advertising on our station.

When Midlands Metalheads Radio first started, we focused primarily on the underground scene. We saw the hard work bands put in and how hard it was to get their music heard, gain recognition and get people to their events.  From that day forth we offered our full support and continue to do this to the present day.

As Midlands Metalheads Radio continues to expand its departments and advertising packages, we've exclusively developed various packages for bands at friendly prices to suit you, from our ongoing free package to the Full Minotaur.

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