07 May 2018


NATURA EST, A new project from two well known faces of the electronic and industrial scene, the UK based Tony Young of Autoclav1.1 and Andreas Davids from Germany and known for Xotox. Here they bend their talents in a dark ambient trajectory exploring the themes of nature and life on our planet. Given the composers you would expect the material to be of a high standard and it is.

The sounds and textures are warm, full and healthy in the lower frequency ranges. Movement is provided by shifts in key and tone rather than through any rhythmic medium (with the exception of a subtle percussive element to ‘Black Town’), like the sounds produced by the wind and the ocean, natural elements and naturally evolving over time. The results are therefore comforting and contemplative. Even though there are abrasive elements within the sound field, these reflect their counterparts in nature and to me, suggest that they need to be accepted as part of a whole that it immovable, everlasting and indeed necessary. In total, this self titles debut contains 5 tracks and runs for around 40 minutes. I like this length as much material from this genre can run for durations hard to consume in one setting, it is concise yet expansive. To me it recalls the more ambient moments of Delirium’s earlier releases melded with the dynamics of something like Sleep Research Facility. Recommended.