05 July 2016

AND HARMONY DIES – “Totenamt” review

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andharmonydiesAND HARMONY DIES – “Totenamt” (My Kingdom Music)

Rating: 3/5

I must admit…I don’t get it…

The Italian quartet is a bit odd. To say that would probably be an understatement. They’re just plain weird. Probably upon the band’s creation they though that there was not enough accordion music and 80s cheese synth wave in death metal, so they decided to oblige. With that in mind, the band weaves an interesting tapestry of weirdness, and are quite capable of delivering a good death metal track, even though their vocals are a bit weak, but they decide not to. The translation of the album title from German is “Office of Death”. Now imagine what Burzum or Darkthrone would’ve made with that title, or with that cover, then flip it on its head, run it through a pasta machine and drop some “canzone” in the mix, slap some crappy synth wave, some piano schlock, the occasional church choir sample and you’d have a proper description of this album. My guess would be that the band is probably not adept enough to create a true death metal album, and they probably can’t write a proper ballad, or refuse to “sell out”, thus they go for mishmash. I think they are better at synth wave and acoustic piano tracks and should probably try to write something in those genres, and let the true black metal masters hone their craft. A drop of Abbath’s mascara is more metal than these guys…this kitten is more black metal than these guys:

Reviewed by: A. Dorian


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