05 May 2014

Apoptygma Berzerk’s classic album 7 re-issued with bonus tracks on cassette

apop7_cassetteBLACK_600__96637.1398345657.1280.1280We’ve often gone on a bit here at Rivetheads HQ about our love of vinyl, but how abou the ‘other’ other format from a bygone age, the humble cassette? It appears that this format is also regaining popularity in some corners. Proof can further be found as Artoffact Records are to reissue Apoptygma Berzerk’s essential EBM masterpiece, 7 on cassette.

The limited cassette comes appropriately enough in 7 different shell colours, each one limited to between 15 and 25 copies. The cassette will be strictly limited to 200 units. Each cassette comes with a download coupon allowing you to download high-quality MP3 versions of each of the 24 tracks. A gatefold J-card houses the now-classic artwork, and the Jesus-barbed wire motif is printed directly on the cassette shell.

Says the press, “This is a unique item meant to give a new perspective on an album, in a new context, in a new decade, and on a previously unreleased format. Curating and designing this re-issue was a labour of love by both artist and label. We hope it finds a cool place in your home.”