06 July 2018

What do Attila think about pizza?

Do you like pizza as much as as Attila do? Maybe enough to write an entire single about the beloved Italian dough based food?

Well that’s exactly what Attila have done ahead of their own US tour ‘Ragefest’. Ragefest features Attila as the headline artist with Suicide SilenceVolumesSpite, and Cross Your Fingers also announced on the bill.

Listen to the new single below:



The track features some classic Attila flare such as the “Give no F***s” attitude, a breakdown and a nice little guitar solo which features some very Avenged Sevenfold-esque licks!

Supposedly you can’t go wrong with pizza when you’re hanging out with Attila, just make sure you don’t order the controversial pineapple! “Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza You f***ing piece of s**t, Why would you do this to me”.