11 January 2019


Put together four young men from Chelmsford, infuse some attitude with plenty of energy and you have ‘Bearfist’. Pulverising metal that pulls no punches. ‘Bearfist’ have been on the circuit for a few years, after meeting in a pub in 2014, the friends soon got off the ground and started to churn out some exceptional material. The Debut EP was out in early 2015 and ‘Bearfist’ have not unclenched their hands since. They have supported bands like Skindred, appeared at Bloodstock in 2016 after winning ‘Metal 2 The Masses’ in the London heat and played ‘Hammerfest’ last year. 2019 kicks off well, as they are due to appear at the Mosh against Cancer gig in Coventry this June.Their third EP ’Smile you Son of a Bitch’ is released on 18th January, it has been put together by producer Justin Hill who is better known from his ‘Sikth’ days. 

The EP is four tracks, each just over 5 minutes long. ’Deaths Emissary’ is the brutal opener. A flow of fast, streamlined riffing guitars and incredible powerful vocals from Rob Murray. Unrelenting and heavy as anything you have ever heard, yes this is mosh heaven. ‘Destroy The Magnet’ continues the theme, screaming and angry vocals, fronting some nicely executed guitar. Its not doom, its more very loud Heavy Metal !  Ok, this stuff isn’t for the faint hearted, but yes, its refreshingly outstanding noise. 

 Third up ’I’m Your God’ and I am well on the way of loving this band. If Thrash or Death metal isn’t your first choice in entertainment, ‘Bearfist’ offer a way of bringing Metal to you in a new form, combining influences like ‘Gojira’ with classic shredding. Last track ’Bleed The Wrong Way’ is more subtle, punching guitar and more groove, but not losing the vicious spitting and pouring from Mr Murray. It rolls along with utter destroying velocity. Get the EP in your head a few times and you will start to hear the underlying currents,  these put this band  on a higher level than most of their counterparts and sets them aside, I’m sure, for more awards in the near future. 

I have to praise the production on ’Smile you Son of a Bitch’ , as the sound is quality. It would be easy to say ‘Bearfist’ are another noisy outfit with songs assembled like they have a cross to carry. But this is not the case, we are already facing new ‘Classic Rock’ coming at us from all angles. It won’t be long before there is another wave, maybe an even newer one of Classic Heavy Metal and ‘Bearfist’ will be right there among them. This is an awe inspiring EP, it’s a no brainer for those who like it hard and heavy, purchase it from one of the links below and mosh at will good people.   

‘Rolls along with utter destroying velocity’

Highlights – Destroy The Magnet , Bleed The Wrong Way