11 January 2019


South Wales is fast becoming a mecca for talent and my gig diary is heaving with shows and festivals in the Valleys and surrounding area this year.  Mainly thanks to those dudes at the Patriot in Crumlin and The Dolls House at Abertillery, while not forgetting the annual ascent up the Mountain to the Steelhouse Festival. So it’s probably not surprising that there are some mega bands, also coming through from the region. From Cardiff, Beth Blade McDonald is leading the way with her Beautiful Disasters, already held in high esteem with the likes of Black Star Riders and Marco Mendoza from The Dead Daisies. The band have toured with both and also supported Tyketto, Kee Marcello and Y&T. They have also been seen on the Kiss Kruise, they all love our Beth. 

’Secrets’ is a class act, a very catchy number. You are introduced to Beth’s high pitched vocals and the bands bouncy rock and roll charisma. It also has atmosphere and sadness about it, but it is quite compelling and will whirl around your head for a while afterwards. Title track ’Show Me Your Teeth’ slides in next, with a slow grind and bubblegum vocals. It has a hook and the guitar work is quite exceptional. After only a couple of songs, it is clear that BB&TBD are seriously cool at writing, even if they have taken some notes from the established bands they have graced with on tour. The first single from the album ‘Give it All You’ve Got’ and the more recent single ’On and On’ are more poignant and we come down to earth a little, the latter combines softer singing with a smooth, delicate, almost washy beat. It is pleasing to hear and only confirms that there is a lot to like about this band. ‘You and I ‘ is a ballad tearing at the heart strings, well we’ve all been there and this does have bags of feeling. Another softy ‘Crazy’ has a nice stomp about it and Miss Blade’s vocals are superb on this, she has a wide, powerful range.  

We escalate again on ‘I Ain’t Got Nothing ( if I Ain’t got Rock and Roll) which is cheesy, ’Kiss’ inspired, it rattles along and is a fun filled, up beat, a true escape. Again, Luke Gilmore on guitar, impresses with awesome strumming, this is heard again on ‘Lost in You’, a lovely dramatic venture. ‘1974’ is another pop loving trample, bringing love and innocence. ‘Who do You Love’ follows and is in slightly the same vein. I am bouncing at a pace now and loving the melodies, smooth guitar and unspoilt newness. Final song, the brilliantly titled ‘Jack and Coke’ is a bold, thunderous ending. Gilmore provides again and the band call time on a high. 

The debut album ‘Bad Habit’ was a tremendous success, with many voting it as one of their top albums of 2017. Citing themselves as a Melodic Hard Rock Band, BB&TBD, with their gutsy, rock and roll are going to be the ones to watch again this year. This is another female fronted band that are changing attitudes. ’Show Me Your Teeth’ is a diverse album, it is fun and full of melody, but also hits on you with raunchy and accomplished guitar work. The vocals carry you away and leave you breathless. I can see this being a favourite  for 2019 already. 

The album is due for release on January 25th but you can pledge a copy now on one of the links below.

‘There is a lot to like about this band’

Highlights – Secrets , You and I , Jack and Coke