14 January 2017

Beyond The Black interview with DJ Scott

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For our first interview of 2017, our very own DJ Scott got in touch with Jennifer Haben from German symphonic metal Beyond The Black to talk about the new album Lost In Forever, touring, Mr Cat and much more.

DJ Scott: I want to start off by talking about 2016 for Beyond The Black. In July, it was announced that every member of the band all departed Beyond The Black except for Jennifer and the new lineup was officially announced in November. After such a radical change to the lineup, has everybody had enough time to settle in?

JH: We had many rehearsals and my new members are brilliant musicians! Everyone of them! So that this wasn’t really a big problem. Neither for Jonas, although we got to know him just 2 weeks before the first headline-show in November.
We just had to get used to one another a little bit at the first shows, but that flew away very quickly! I feel very comfortable with them!

DJ Scott: Your last tour was a support for the legendary Scorpions. How did that go? I imagine that was an incredible experience.

JH: I often tried to describe the feeling, but I guess I will never find the right words to tell somebody how it feels like to share the stage with the Scorpions.. When I was a small child you found me singing and dancing on the table to „Rock You Like A Hurricane“ sometimes. It’s crazy to think about something like this, while you are talking to them. 😀 They were very nice to us! I talked a lot with Klaus and the last part with Mikkey Dee, too. We were at Mikkey Dee’s private after-show-party.. Another surreal experience of that tour. Our drummer was bubbling over with joy! 😀 All in all it was an incredible tour!

DJ Scott: You have an upcoming debut international release, Lost In Forever, which is set for release on Friday 13th January. What can we expect from the new album?

JH: It’s the very first official international release for us. You can hear every song of our second german release plus four brand-new songs. One of this is the never released Wacken-Hymn of 2015 we were allowed to contribute. The other three are completely new songs and one of them we will play at our european tour with Epica and Powerwolf!

DJ Scott: You are about to embark on another tour, this time supporting symphonic metal icons Epica and the mighty Powerwolf. How excited are you to get on the road for this?

JH: We are totally excited!! This two great bands and we’re in the thick of it! Apart from that we were so delighted in playing a show again after one month without doing this. We’re totally on fire to tour around Europe!

DJ Scott: I noticed you did a blog when you toured with Scorpions, will you be doing this again on the upcoming tour? If so, I hope Mr Cat will be making an appearance.

JH: Haha!! I told Stefan about your question (he wrote the tour blog)! We don’t write a blog this time, but we’ll do a live V-Log every 2 or 3 days. But Mr Cat is on tour with us and maybe he will come by in one of the videos. 😉

DJ Scott: You have been announced for Wacken Open Air in 2017, this will be 4 consecutive years you will have performed there. 4 years in a row performing at one of the biggest rock and metal festivals in Europe is a huge achievement for any band. Do you think you can make it 5 years in a row next year?

JH: Yeah, we’re so looking forward to play there again this year! Wacken is really awesome – especially the Artist Village! They put so much passion and dedication into making you feel welcome and comfortable. So of course, for us it’s definitely possible to play 5 times in a row! 😉

DJ Scott: After the tour with Powerwolf and Epica, what are the plans for Beyond The Black for the rest of 2017?

JH: Apart from playing at Wacken again this year, we’re planning festivals and shows in and outside Europe and a headline-tour in the end of the year! But unfortunately we can’t say anything more about it at the moment, but you will find every knew announcement at our social media channels.

DJ Scott: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, and I wish you the very best of luck for you in 2017. Is there anything that you want to add to close this interview?

JH: We have many things in the pipeline! We wanna get to know every fan out there and are very curious how BTB will come across in the other countries!
Thank you very much for your interest and best wishes from Germany!

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