09 October 2017

Bigfoot – ‘Bigfoot’

Bigfoot describe themselves as ‘a hard rock band from Wigan, with a penchant for putting a musical boot up your…..well, where the sun don’t shine, as they say!’

The band consists of Antony Ellis (vocals) Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh (dual lead guitars), Matt Avery (bass) and Tom Aspinall (drums). Having rocked themselves into the scene during the spring of 2014, they have toured around the UK ever since, making appearances at Breakout Festival, Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell, Steelhouse Festival and Hair Metal Heaven along the way. After two successful EP releases, the band caught the eye of Frontiers, who then signed them to their roster as fast as they could. Bigfoot are now preparing to release their album ‘Bigfoot’ to the world on 13th October 2017.

After listening to this album a few times, I am still finding new things to like about it. For lovers of classic rock, this album will certainly fit the bill. Karma is a rousing track that kicks off the album with full force, demonstrating its substantial guitar riffs from the start, along with haunting vocals that encompass the feel of the song, it will get you in the mood to rock. The guitar prowess displayed towards the end of the song, along with the pounding drums add drama to the big finish. The Fear is very clever in its composition, with its hefty guitar work, booming drums, and crashing cymbals. You will have this one down as an immensely powerful heavy rock track. Its earthy vocals coupled with the heavy riffs, give this track utmost power throughout. Lyrics such as ’I give what I got to the fear, of living in the real world’ will soon have you singing along. Mid song there is a little deviation from the heaviness, drawing you into a stunning display of guitar virtuosity, including a slice of calming acoustic work which makes your ears prick briefly, before it returns to the chorus and the original heaviness.

Tell Me a Lie is a high energy track which shows off the strong vocals of Antony Ellis, and showcases some impressive conversations between guitars, which when combined with the impelling drum beat, demonstrates high voltage rock at its finest. Catchy lyrics will soon have you joining in with the chorus. ‘It’s 4am I must be crazy, but please tell me I’ll be fine, tell me a lie tell me a lie’. Forever Alone with its slower tempo opens with the stripped back sound of guitar and soft vocals. Lyrics such as ‘Wherever you go my friend, you’ll be forever alone my friend, and forever is a long time to finally see, where you went wrong my friend’, highlight the emotive side to this song which will soon win your heart. Half way through the song you are hit with a formidable switch in the vocals backed up with a supercharged resonance which perfects this track. This combination gives a lyrically pleasing addition to the album.

Bigfoot continues in a robust fashion from start to finish, with Eat your words, The Devil in Me, Uninvited and I Dare You giving you a generous helping of classic rock sounds with a huge dollop of Bigfoot added for good measure. Prisoner of War slowly develops in strength, opening with guitars, then drums build gradually into a dynamic assault before the sheer dominance of this song kicks in. The track intensifies with an amazing guitar solo at the end, which sets it apart from the other songs. Freak Show will command you to rock out, with endless guitar riffs and incessant drums. Its catchy beat and infectious chorus will take over you in no time. The more you listen to this track, the more it will grow on you. Not only are there numerous opportunities to rock out, but you will also find time to pick up your air guitar. Haunting vocals and guitar set the mood for the final number, Yours, with its captivatingly dark lyrics, this song is both powerful and emotional, and delivers a surge of high potency rock music to finish off the album seamlessly.

All in all this album delivers the maximum dosage of classic rock that the average fan could wish for. Bigfoot have their own signature sound which is evident throughout the album, which sets it apart from the majority of bands out there right now.


Highlight: ‘strong vocals with a surge of high potency rock music’

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