05 May 2015

Billibee Creative

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Billibee Creative – Lisa is a Midlands Metalheads photographer but also loves to interview when she
doesn’t have two cameras in her hands. Lisa owns Billibee Creative with her husband
Rob  (also a Midlands Metalheads Reviewer / Interviewer / Photographer).

Billibee Creative have recently opened The Studio which is also available for hire
Contact via enquiries@billibeecreative.co.uk.

Billibee Creative Website

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We exist to provide a wide range of media production services.
Although we started originally offering simple photo and video solutions, we have expanded into a fully-functioning digital media production studio.

We specialise in film/video production, photography shoots, music, post-production editing and design, digital media conversion and much much more!

We love what we do! We take the greatest pride in providing the best quality services for each and every client.

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Want To Become A Photographer For Midlands Metalheads?
Email Us Here For More Details