18 August 2018


The last day was upon us and I was absolutely gutted. It was an early start this morning as I had a small meeting in the arena with a friend I go way back with, followed by the band he was managing. I grabbed myself a coffee and started walking in to the arena.  The weather had cleared up and thank you Bloodstock for the nice morning song through the arena it was just what we all needed.  You see people raising their beer at gig’s but never have a seen coffee being raised at a festival before.




I headed over to the New Blood Stage. The New Blood Stage is for band’s who have either won the Metal to the Masses or band’s that are beginning to gain a fan base. For band’s who are on upcoming record label’s or no record label. It gives them a chance to showcase their talent and show fellow metal heads  what their all about.

I Met up with my friend in the tent and he is currently running with the help of his team Fat Angel Record’s. A new up and coming record label/booking company with several band’s currently on them.



They took to the stage and it was amazing how so many people had got out of bed at that time in the morning to come and check these guy’s out. Taking influences from Lamb of God the band’s riff’s and solos were just what I needed to wake up that morning. The singer ‘Matty Jenks’ loved to interact with the crowd and didn’t shy away from jumping on the barrier. The crowd was fueled from his energy and bounced off the band’s appreciation for being able to play the festival. They are a 4-piece band from Wolverhampton / Stafford. Keep an eye out for local gigs

Another shout out to the Metal to the Masses winner’s playing the New Blood Stage today.

Dead Blood Mourning-London




Now I was completely surprised by Fozzy. I’m a huge WWE wrestling fan so the thought of seeing Chris Jericho in a band was really making me intrigued. I’ll be honest they’ve played festival’s where I’ve been at before, but I never knew whether they were going to be any good. So, I decided to give them a watch. There’s no denying that Chris Jericho’s vocals were really good and it did take me by surprise, also there’s no denying his ability to be a showman.  Originally the band were a cover’s band playing on weekends and were founded by the guitarist Rich Ward. Chris Jericho then joined the band in 1999 and they started writing their own material and have been a success since then. The band try to steer away from Chris’s career the with the WWE and every time a wrestling chant is made he soon return’s it back to saying ‘Fozzy,Fozzy,Fozzy ‘ . It’s classic La rock that’s very easy listening and pleasurable to listen to. And they went down surprisingly well and created a great atmosphere.



Later that day I headed back over to the media tent to see what was happening. I had sat down to read over my notes and standing behind me was the singer from At the Gates who were later playing that day. I went over to say hello and he was so pleasant to talk to also grabbing a quick selfie. I generally just spoke to him about how he was and how his day was going as he looked tired, but it was cool just having a general chat with these guy’s. Sometimes when meeting band’s they spend most their time doing interview’s so just talking in general with him went down a treat. Not long after that I spotted Fozzy in the signing tent. Trying to keep my cool I watched the floods of fan’s come through the signing tent and an extra 10 minutes was added due to the popularity of the band. As they were leaving the signing tent back in to the hospitality lounge I managed to have a chat and tell them about their set and managed to get a quick selfie with Chris Jericho himself. As if that wasn’t enough the rest of At the Gates were crossing me on the other side heading in to the signing tent so I got to see the fan’s meet them to. Amazing experience I will never forget.

I headed back in to the arena as I was more than curious about the next band playing…




Hatebreed to me didn’t really age well in my eyes so I was curious as to what Jasta had in store for this show. I had heard some rumors about a podcast being published the next day with Kirk Windstein from Crowbar which I was looking forward to listening to. Jasta had taken to the stage greeting the crowd and starting singing and then to the crowd’s surprise Howard Jones – former singer of Killswitch engage came on singing to, the crowd went wild. Screaming, shouting and generally in disbelief. Once the song had finished and the crowd went steady next up on the stage was the bassist from Fear Factory Dino Cazeres. three songs from fear factory were played which was Nostalgic.  What a treat and we was all wondering what’s next! Next up the man himself Kirk Windstein took to the stage and they started playing Kingdom of Sorrow’s.Kirk is a former member of down and singer/guitarist of Crowbar. As if that wasn’t enough in memory of Vinnie Paul who we lost not long back, drummer of Pantera and Damage plan and his brother the legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell who was also lost back in 2004 , they dedicated a Down song to both as they were all still hurting from the loss of the amazing drummer and guitarist.. Bury me in smoke was performed by every artist that had stepped on to the stage and I was literally losing my mind and couldn’t believe what I was watching. My friends were going crazy to. Watching the crowd arm in arm really put the touch to band’s set and I was completely mind blown. If you ever see Jasta on set I suggest you book up and go see him.

Set List

  • The same flame
  • This is your life
  • Chasing demons
  • Body hammer- Fear Factoy
  • Edge-crusher-Fear Factory
  • Replica-Fear Factory
  • Buried in lack-Kingdom of sorrow
  • All i have i gave-Crowbar
  • Last breath-Hatebreed
  • Bury me in smoke- Down



At the gates return to the stage and were welcomed back by their fan’s playing an incredible set as always. The melodic death metal band are from Sweden and have been going since 1990.It always amazes me how Thomas Lindberg can uphold his vocal’s during the whole set,keeping up with the speed of the song’s played. I’ve seen this band many times now and even headline a festival ,the duel guitar solos’s between Martin Larsson and Jonas Stålhammar give me goosebumps every time i hear them and watching them bounce off each other whilst playing really is amazing to watch. I’ll be looking forward to them next year when these guy’s return with the mighty Behemoth in Birmingham next year.


It was almost time to watch the final band of the festival. My partner went over to the bar to get me a glass of red wine as it always fit’s the occasion for Black metal and a guy had spoken to him and said don’t watch the next band they will eat your soul. I couldn’t help but laugh when i was told.



Descending from the gates of hell and burning through the flames Watain,currently the biggest Black Metal band on the scene right now with their dedicated fan base and astonishing stage performance end the festival on a high. Well known for being surrounded by fire and covered in corpse paint threes no denying the band setting the mood and the right atmosphere for their set. Pre warning to anyone who has a weak stomach,vegetarian or vegan i wouldn’t recommend standing down the front as they are known for using pig remains and blood during their set. Being huge fan’s of Dissection you can see how heavily influenced they are by the band and are known for covering the band’s song called ‘The Somberlein’.The band formed in 1998 and as the year’s have gone on they have built up quite the reputation for their stage presence.At the end of the set as instrumental music was playing they left the stage and the singer E came back on stage lighting even more candles and the evening came to an end.


As Promised by another midland’s metal head’s team member who came on the Sunday. Here is Tina Culbertson review on Mr Big. She absolutely loves them.



”Having avoided the two-month long heatwave with sterling precision, it’s now a bit chilly and threatening rain for the band I’ve come to see. Mr Big are playing a renowned ‘heavy’ heavy metal festival…I had no idea what to expect for them and so I wore my Mr Big t-shirt with pride and hoped for the best! I was a bit worried as they kicked off their set as we were easily able to walk straight to the second row. ‘If you’re a red-hot fire cracker, I will light your fuse’… and we’re off, Eric Martin is in fine fine voice, Paul Gilbert is shredding and wielding a drill and Billy Sheehan is giving us all a lesson in how bass should be played. Straight into ‘Rock n Roll Over’ from their 1989 debut album, I turn to look around to see they have amassed a very large crowd in a very short time, the metal family are united to watch these world class musicians slay, kudos to the Bloodstock family for bringing different styles to the festival, which is the friendliest festival I’ve had the pleasure of attending the past two years running. A good band is a good band regardless and everybody here just wants to rock! There’s a tinge of sadness in the air as we look up to see Matt Starr on drums holding it all together with style, these shows were booked before the passing of much loved drummer Pat Torpey, I noticed a crew pass bearing Pat’s face and thought Pat is here, one can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel for the band up there. ‘Alive and Kicking’, ‘Green Tinted Sixties Mind’, ‘Addicted to That Rush’, hit after hit is rolled out, followed by ‘Wild World’ and ‘To Be with You’ which Eric laughingly apologized for playing to this heavier crowd, but we all enjoyed the singalong no less! One of the highlights is the guitar/bass dual and Paul Gilbert’s guitar solo, all sorts of guttural growls, whimpers and chants of ‘go on Paul’ can be heard from the mere mortal guitar players in the crowd. Mr Big leave with a bang with a raucious ‘Colorado Bulldog’ and they’re gone, job done, crowd rocked, good night.”


The festival had came to an end and the party did not stop there! The sound of the 2000’s and a one last drink from the Lemmy bar went down a treat. Bloodstock thank you for an amazing festival and i will see you next year as always!