15 August 2018

Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2018 Friday Review



After a killer first day I grabbed a coffee and hit the arena to get myself a bloodstock vest and a lanyard from one of the two merchandise stand’s. One is only Bloodstock merchandise and the other one is Bloodstock merchandise and band’s playing the weekend. The lanyards are so useful as it gives you,

• Entertainment for the weekend
•Stage and Band times
• Movie times

I’d personally like to give a shout out and say well done to the Metal to the masses winner’s they have really worked hard to get a slot at Bloodstock on the New Blood Stage. Here are a list of the band’s that played the Friday

Pelugion-Coventry -Hitting the stage at 13:30

Seven Hells-Leicester -Hitting the stage at 15:00

A Ritual Spirit-Glasgow -Hitting the stage at 15:45


The weather was beginning to look dark but rain or no rain were British who cares we will moan either way.

I took myself over to Media tent as I wanted to see how the festival run and had a great tour around the back of the stages. This was a very special moment  for me as I got to see how the operations run a festival. Later on i had a small chat with Sammoth from Emperor and grabbed a quick photo before briefly watching the band meet the fans in the signing tent. I also had chance to say a quick hello to Doro Pesch,the Queen of heavy metal and watch her get interviewed.

The signing tent is an amazing opportunity for the fan base to meet the band’s and get up close having their merchandise signed, photos and chance to say hey.

Straight after the media tent I took myself over the The Rock and Metal Museum. This really is an amazing touch to the Festival. It has memorabilia from all band’s playing but the one that will always stay in there is  the legend’s themselves,Motorhead. You will also see each Bloodstock throughout the year’s in gold frames. This year they added a full wall in respect of the main headliner Judas Priest.Whilst in the museum me and my friend managed to get a quick selfie and have a brief chat to Wednesday 13.


Also, inside the museum, as if there wasn’t  enough cool stuff to check out, Heathen Wax run by the amazing and talented Rachel Hall was inside there to. All candles are hand made and personalized. This year she had made Bloodstock exclusive candles and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. Selling out in just 37 minutes.



Bloodbath were the first band we watched. They were playing main stage called the Ronnie James Dio. They formed in 1998 and have changed the line up throughout the years. They have played Bloodstock a few times now at different times of the day and they sound as brutal as ever.Tuning down the guitar’s and playing some damn right dirty riffs.The band really sum up pure death metal. Nick Holmes is well known within the doom/death and metal scene and  his vocals are effortless and he has a wide range.The band are a 5-piece who are from Sweden. Currently on Peaceville records.


For those that do not know who Ronnie James Dio is, he was a singer in Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Dio. This stage was named after him after he lost his battle to cancer back in 2010

After Bloodbath there was an announcement concerning the time Suicidal Tendencies should have been playing. Due to a flight delays they would not only be playing later, they would also be moving stage which caused a clash with my ultimate favorite band Emperor. Meaning I couldn’t watch them.


This band hold a huge place in my heart. True Norwegian Black Metal at it’s finest. The band have been going since 1991 and are currently on Candlelight Records. They have influenced many black metal bands throughout the year’s and many band’s have taken it upon themselves to cover the iconic song ‘I am the black wizard’. Back in popular demand due to their successful headline slot back in 2014 we were over the moon that they had returned and were playing so high up on the bill again. They had taken to the stage and i was completely overwhelmed and completely zoned out. They are well known for their symphonic music and are one of the originator’s of black metal. Ihsahn’s vocals were  immaculate with  the set they played. Ihsahn is well known for being a composer of music and multi-instrumentalist also ranging his vocals. Not taking credit away from Sammoth as his backing vocals are perfection.The band are timeless and to this day it’s nice to know they are influencing band’s so many band’s around the world . The band created an amazing atmosphere and the cheer’s were insane to hear.



It was time to take ourselves to the bar but this wasn’t just any bar. The festival named the bar after the iconic legend,the king of rock and roll my absolute hero Lemmy Kilmister! We unfortunately lost this legend back in 2015 .The metal scene still hurting from loss keep this legend alive in the best way possible And Bloodstock definitely did that with class. Inside the bar are huge backdrop’s of Motorhead and it’s not a bad place to be and queuing for a drink suddenly isn’t such a bad thing.

Judas Priest


What can i say Black country’s finest made themselves well known and took to the stage delivering the crowd with pure British steel and mind blowing heavy metal. Judas Priest formed back in back in 1970 and are still going as strong as ever.They are currently signed to Sony Records.Still writing and touring Rob Halford has still got it at the age of 66 . The band were wearing their well known attire of spandex,boot’s and leather covered it studs and spikes. Priest had the crowd going with air guitar’s,stamping their feet,dancing and raising their horn’s as high as they possibly could, shouting and screaming to the lyrics of every song.  During the set Rob pulled on the stage on his motorbike and a leather hat which has been part of his show’s for many year’s now. It may be the most generic song for Judas Priest but we all still wait in anticipation for Rob’s painkiller high notes and guess what he still did it. With flames and firework’s it really was a nice touch to an amazing set.


Running back over to the Sophie Stage it was time for another band as there was a 5 minute crossover we wanted to be quick.


Headlining the Sophie Lancaster Stage was the Queen of heavy metal Doro Pesch and her band she formed the band in 1982 and has had different member’s throughout the years. Doro is well loved at festival’s around the world and has done many duo’s with band’s, My favorite being Amon Amarth. Doro is currently signed to Nuclear Blast records. She is always welcomed back by Bloodstock even when she’s not playing.Always a pleasure to watch and always a great atmosphere. A genuine person who appreciates every one of her fans.


If after all that you were not ready to call it tonight. Tonight’s theme was the sound of the 80’s. We all chose to head back to the camp whack some tunes on and kick back with wine and beer