16 August 2018



Another day was upon us and I was looking forward to another day of band’s. I grabbed myself a coffee and took out my lanyard planning my day. So the night before I got chatting to the drummer from the band Dead Label and was giving a flyer and asked to go and check out their band in the Sophie tent.


This band really surprised me, and I was shocked. Don’t be fooled by their drummer she is an absolute machine behind the drum kit. With the band’s brutal breakdowns and heavy riffs they really got the crowd and their fan base going. On the flyer I was given it said. ‘Join us in making history’. Then the ‘Wall of chaos record attempt’. Before we knew it, a wall of death had appeared, and it was like a scene from the movie 300. Loved it. Really check these guy’s out. They band are a 3-piece from Cambridge.


We headed back over to the Ronnie stage as we all wanted to watch the next band


Alestorm are pirate metal and are always worth a watch. Before the band started inflatables were handed out, Such as beer cans, rubber duck’s, wales, strawberry’s and space hoppers. Meanwhile as me and my friends were down the front, we were wondering why we were being pushed down by the crowd. The band were trying to recreate a pirate ship being rowed by the crowd. If you want a party band these are the guys for you.The band are currently on Napalm Record’s .



Hawaiian shirts at the ready…



The brutal death metal band that will have your ear’s ringing for day’s and your neck sore for a week ,Cannibal Corpse were playing the Sophie stage. The weather was not the best and it was raining hard but that didn’t stop the crowd wearing their Hawaiian shirts over the top of their waterproofs. The band were recreating the scene from Ace Ventura when he makes a wrong turn and end’s up at their gig. The band have been going since 1988 who are now based in Tampa Florida.




Heading back over to the Sophie Stage was a band we all had been waiting a very long time to see.



For the first time ever in the UK we finally got to the see the death/thrashers Exhorder.The crowd went crazy when the band appeared on the stage. It was like being in a time warp. I can remember watching early Sepultura and Pantera videos at gig’s and it looked very similar. I felt like I had been in a time been taken back in to the early 90’s where crowd surfing wasn’t an issue and you were surrounded by masses of long hair minus the security. The band were appreciative of the crowd and paying respect to the UK and the home of heavy metal the band had took it upon themselves to cover the Black Sabbath track ‘In to the void’.  Those riffs were insane, and it was so dirty I loved it. Well chosen track for their style of playing. The old saying goes with these no riff no band. They formed in back in 1985 from Louisiana.


After heading back to the tent and grabbing a few beer’s we all went back to the arena to watch the headliner of the Ronnie James Dio stage.


Personally, and this is only my opinion and people may hate me for it , but Gojira were not the best for a headline slot. With Gojira’s song’s a lot of them can be instrumental and go on for quite some time. It can be quite a common debate when out and about on people who like them and people who say they can’t quite get with them. The sound was flawless and the set was amazing. Gojira are well know for their progressive metal and technical music playing. The pyrotechnics they had really added to the atmosphere of the music. I remember them getting announced last year and thinking are they headline material but the late afternoon may have been a better time for these guy’s to play . The band are from France and currently on Roadrunner Records.



Not long after Gojira’s set the rain was really coming down so we all headed back to out tent’s to sit inside and have a few beer’s. Luckily we have an area inside the tent that we can fit chair’s in. The weather was not changing any time soon so we decided to call it a night and was looking forward to the Sunday.