24 April 2014

Blutengel – Black Symphonies

Review by Karen Batista

blutengel---black-symphoniesBlutengel’s concert for Gothic Meets Klassik Festival might have made the idea of having the band performing with a full orchestra sound really brilliant. Like, Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann going all “wow, how hadn’t we thought of this before?”.

I myself was honestly thrilled when I first read about the new album, back in January. And still, listening to “Black Symphonies” made me feel like ordering a delicacy in a fancy restaurant, just to taste it and find out I was served…reheated leftovers.

The singers’ performance is uninspired, rendering the album soulless. As much as the orchestra sounds grandiose as it should, it wasn’t enough to give a more refined flair to Blutengel’s greatest hits. Not even the lavish deluxe set which was released could make this album be any less of a cheap attempt of extorting their fans untill the last penny. And worse, announcing it as an “amazing sonic experience”. Once again, this can (arguably) be said about the orchestra but not really from Blutengel itself.

Blutengel doesn’t have anything else to prove to anyone; but for this very reason Pohl, Goldmann and co. are very capable of delivering something better next time. How about something new on the menu?