18 February 2019

Buckcherry & Hoobastank co-headline tour, with Adelitas Way in support

Greetings! This is my first review for Midlands Metalheads Radio and I couldn’t be happier! I hope you all enjoy my ramblings, as much as I enjoy writing them!

The gigs are coming in thick and fast now, that Christmas is well out of the way and I couldn’t be happier!

Tonight saw us taking a short journey over to Rock City, in Nottingham, for a night of high octane, high adrenaline fuelled rock and roll, with three masters of their craft! The likes of Buckcherry and Hoobakank are no strangers to these hallowed halls, yet their journey getting here was much longer!

Adelitas Way are from Las Vegas and are a four piece, bringing back the classic rock ballads! I have to be honest, I’ve yet to see these guys perform live and know very little about them, yet I’ve made the effort to do my research, as they impressed me greatly! As they proclaimed tonight, their music has been streamed over 15 million times, so they’ve obviously got a huge following! Since their inception, in the late 2000’s, their popularity has been helped by the fact that their music, one track “Invincible” in particular, has featured on several US television shows, such as CSI Miami and WWE’s Superstars show. Having topped the rock charts in America, several times, these guys are no strangers to the lime light! Tonight that confidence shinned through and was evident to see, from the first note, to the last riff and the crowd lapped it up! Lead singer Rick DeJesus is a large guy and could be a wrestler, himself, to be honest and his powerful vocals pack a mighty punch! Top marks, for a top band!

Although tonight was a co-headline, someone has to go first and tonight that honour was given to Hoobastank! When it comes to decorated rock royalty, it doesn’t get better than this four piece, from California, which is also a long way a way! The band formed way back in 1994 and have released 6 albums to date, the first three of which went multi-platinium, whilst being signed to Island Records and has helped them to amass many accolades to date, including three GRAMMY nominations!

PUSH PULL is their latest offering, which explores both the rock and pop genres and partnered with Matt Wallace (Faith No More & Maroon 5) and has sold 10 million copies so far, since its release in May 2018!

Considering their not as young as they once was, they’ve still got more energy than most teenage bands I’ve seen, I guess it helps they know what they’re doing and what it requires to entertain a crowd, which helps!

Dan, the bands lead guitarist, certainly knows his way around a guitar and brought the biggest pedal board I’ve ever seen, along with him! He also managed to give me a brief wink and a smile, which was nice, as he was wowing us with his playing skills! The ladies, in attendance certain showed their appreciation tonight, as many screams could be heard, not more so, than during the bands most listened to track ‘The Reason’ which proved to be a real crowd anthem! Really nice song as well, with meaning full lyrics for a change! Naturally, they kept this until the end of their impressive set!

Hoobastank are certainly a band who are confident with what they do and clearly enjoy doing it! Tonight was a privilege to witness and be apart of!

Ah, Buckcherry, I love this band! If you was ever forced to define rock and roll, surely these guys, also from California would be on the tip of your tongue, right?

Come on, admit it, Josh Todd is Rock and Roll, you can sense that, the minute he walks onto a stage!

My first encounter with this band, was during their tour to promote their fifth album ‘Rock and Roll’ around 2015. I distinctively recall my battle through rush hour traffic, to get to London’s KOKO, in Camden, to see this band play. After the show, I drove all the way back to Derby! For my efforts, I got some cracking shots, some of my all time favourites in fact, as well as seeing a band I’ve loved, since hearing one their biggest hits ‘Crazy Bitch’ which I still have fond memories of!

To date, the band have released 6 studio albums, and one live album, with a new single, titled ‘Warpaint’ being released this month (February 2019) which suggests more will soon follow? I’ve listened to this track, several times now and with every play, it sounds better and better! Buckcherry are back!

There’s been a few changes to personnel, since I saw them last, but the nucleus of the band remains the same, that being the unmistakable vocals of Josh Todd! Sure the rest of the band are important, but without that voice, this band wouldn’t exist! There’s no disputing, this band rock and they proved that tonight!

With a wealth of great tracks available to them, they sure put on a rocking good show, worthy of making the effort to take a night out to see them!

I thought the bands energy levels were on point tonight, with plenty of rock and roll swagger on display, for all to see! Long live Rock and Roll, long live Buckcherry! New album please!