15 December 2017


Unrivalled British melodic hard rock group Magnum have confirmed the release of their absolutely enthralling new studio album ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’, as a digipack CD (with bonus 4 track live CD), double gatefold 180 gram purple vinyl LP (+ CD in paper sleeve), download and stream on Steamhammer / SPV on January 19th 2018. 

‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’, which marks the major 20th studio album milestone on this illustrious group’s 40 year musical path, is one of Magnum’s most inspired, diverse, exhilarating and alluring albums ever. Reflecting on the reason for this new creative zenith, guitarist / songwriter Tony Clarkin recalls “As I had started to write the songs even before we embarked on our most recent tour, I subsequently had time to let my initial ideas sink in for a few weeks, which helped me realise that I was on the right path,” he says, looking back with satisfaction. “That was a good feeling which inspired me to write more powerful numbers. Apart from that, the usual Magnum formula applied: I go to the studio, try out ideas on the guitar or on the keyboards and do my damnedest to write the best Magnum song of all time.” As a result, ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ contains eleven of arguably the best Magnum songs of all time, all additionally sparkling with the fresh inspiration brought to the table by consummate new band members Rick Benton (keyboards) and Lee Morris (drums).

‘Without Love’, the first single, a strident, relentlessly driving groove-laden song with a subtly irresistible melody, glorious guitar riffs and catchy chorus, will totally tantalize the fans’ musical appetite when released on December 8th. After their headline appearance at the Giants Of Rock Festival in Minehead on January 26th 2018, Magnum will set off on a two month European headline tour in February, commencing with the following UK concerts:-

20th February         Bristol – Trinity
21st February          Cardiff – Tramshed
22nd February        Holmfirth – Picturedome
24th February          Manchester – Academy 2
25th February          Hull – Welly
26th February          Aberdeen – Garage
27th February          Glasgow – Garage
1stMarch                  Belfast – Limelight
2ndMarch                 Birmingham – Town Hall
3rdMarch                 Preston – Guildhall
4thMarch                  Nottingham – Rock City
7thMarch                  Leamington – Assembly
8thMarch                  Cambridge – Junction
9thMarch                  London – Islington Assembly Hall
10thMarch               Southampton – Engine Room
12thMarch               Brighton – Old Market

The album’s mighty title track features a duet between vocalist Bob Catley and Tobias Sammet, a kind of artistic thank-you by the Edguy / Avantasia front man in appreciation of Catley’s guest stint on various of Sammet’s releases. ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ was also additionally enhanced by atmospheric arrangements courtesy of the Wolf Kerschek orchestra.

While much kudos must be attributed to original band members Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley for most of the musical prowess on ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’, a fair amount should be attributed to bassist Al Barrow, (who has been in the group since 2001), along with new keyboardist Rick Benton and drummer Lee Morris. Benton joined the Magnum camp in December 2016 to replace long-standing member Mark Stanway, while Morris took over from Harry James in the summer. 

“Harry has two other bands, Thunder and Snakecharmer, and it became more and more difficult to coordinate our schedules,” Clarkin explains and confesses; “I must admit that I was reluctant to let him go, but after Lee had drummed for us for the first time and we realised that he adds even more rhythmic complexity to our songs, I’m more than happy with the line-up change.” 

Clarkin feels just as positive about his new keyboardist Rick Benton; “Rick has brought a breath of fresh air and interesting ideas into the band. His style is carefully considered and he seems to know intuitively what enhances our material. You just have to give him a rough idea of the arrangement and he immediately comes up with a perfect solution. All you have to do is listen to and enjoy the atmospheric middle part of ‘Welcome To The Cosmic Cabaret’ to appreciate what a positive addition Benton is to the Magnum fold.”

The digipack CD version of ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ will include a bonus live Cd containing 4 songs recorded at Magnum’s 2017 performance at the Leyendas Del Rock Festival in Alicante, Spain.

‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’, the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies’, looks set to chart even higher than it’s highly acclaimed predecessor, which crashed in to the UK Top 40 at 31 on release in March last year.

Lost On The Road To Eternity
Steamhammer / SPV
19 January 2018


Release date: January 19th, 2018

MAGNUM Lost On The Road To Eternity

Available physical formats:

Format: CD + CD

Packaging: DigiPak incl. bonus live CD

Format: 2 LP + CD (in paper sleeve)

Packaging: Double Gatefold, printed inner sleeves, purple 180gr. vinyl


2CD Digi 

CD 1

  1. Peaches and Cream 4:54
    2. Show Me Your Hands 5:45
    3. Storm Baby 6:13
    4. Welcome to the Cosmic Cabaret 8:08
    5.Loston the Road to Eternity 5:54
    6. Without Love 5:55
    7. Tell Me What You’ve Got to Say 6:27
    8. Ya Wanna Be Someone 5:56
    9. Forbidden Masquerade 5:02
    10.Glory to Ashes 5:35
    11. King of the World 7:04

CD 2 (bonus live CD)

  1. Sacred Blood – Divine Lies6:48
    2. Crazy Old Mothers 5:35
    3. Your Dreams Won’t Die 5:56
    4. Twelve Men Wise And Just  6:21

2 LP Gatefold Version 

Side 1

  1. Peaches and Cream 4:54
    2. Show Me Your Hands 5:45
    3. Storm Baby 6:13

Side 2

  1. Welcome to the Cosmic Cabaret 8:08
    2.Loston the Road to Eternity 5:54

Side 3
1. Without Love 5:55
2. Tell Me What You’ve Got to Say 6:27
3. Ya Wanna Be Someone 5:56

Side 4

  1. Forbidden Masquerade 5:02
    2.Glory to Ashes 5:35
    3. King of the World 7:04

Digital Version 

  1. Peaches and Cream 4:54
    2. Show Me Your Hands 5:45
    3. Storm Baby 6:13
    4. Welcome to the Cosmic Cabaret 8:08
    5.Loston the Road to Eternity 5:54
    6. Without Love 5:55
    7. Tell Me What You’ve Got to Say 6:27
    8. Ya Wanna Be Someone 5:56
    9. Forbidden Masquerade 5:02
    10.Glory to Ashes 5:35
    11. King of the World 7:04



Tony Clarkin – guitars

Bob Catley – vocals

Rick Benton – keyboards

Al Barrow – bass

Lee Morris – drums

MAGNUM Live 2018:

26.01.18 GB-Minehead – Giants Of Rock

20.02.18 GB-Bristol – Trinity

21.02.18 GB-Cardiff – Tramshed

23.02.18 GB-Holmfirth – Picturedome

24.02.18 GB-Manchester – Academy 2

25.02.18 GB-Hull – Welly

26.02.18 GB-Aberdeen – Garage

27.02.18 GB-Glasgow – Garage

01.03.18 GB-Belfast – Limelight

02.03.18 GB-Birmingham – Town Hall

04.03.18 GB-Preston – Guildhall

05.03.18 GB-Nottingham – Rock City

07.03.18 GB-Leamington – Assembly

08.03.18 GB-Cambridge – Junction

09.03.18 GB-London – Islington Assembly Hall

11.03.18 GB-Southampton – Engine Room

12.03.18 GB-Brighton – Old Market

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