13 August 2017

Cenfora, November Plot, Trees and Queens & Cuecliché

Saturday 12th August – Scruffy Murphys Birmingham.

Opening the night were the London based trio Cuecliché who delivered an impressive set of upbeat energetic pop punk with a rather incredible cover of The Bad Touch originally performed by the Bloodhound Gang.

Their bio reads: ‘One guy, one girl. – Lots of noise’ and their bio isn’t wrong. Punk duo Trees and Queens bought exactly that to the dark Scruffy Murphys stage with a sound so thick you’d assume there was a full band up there.

The position of main support was filled by November Plot who dominated the stage with a very well polished set consisting of a mix of alt rock and pop punk.

Headlining the evening were local progressive metalers Cenfora. Formed in September 2016 you would never guess they were such a young band given their superb musicianship and the way they ever so flawlessly own the stage. Vocals are handled by Katie King who somehow manages to layer beautiful melodic vocal lines over the prog madness below which while technically insane also has a strong sense of groove pulsing through it. They finished their set with a cover of Linkin Park’s In the End in homage to frontman Chester Bennington who recently took his life, negativity aside the entire night was a huge success.

Four incredible bands one incredible gig!

All images by Damian John