21 September 2016

Review: Ceremonia – “La Existencia Humana Debe Ser Un Error”

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Although the band has been around since 2011, “La Existencia Humana Debe Ser Un Error” was officially released in 2015. According to the band’s bio, “Ceremonia was born in 2011 with the idea of creating a cold, dark and melancholic sound to explore the deepest, sad, negative and morbid feelings of the human being through the music”.

Featuring in total four song, three of which clock around the twelve minute mark, this is definitely more concept-oriented and drawn out ordeal, but the band manages to keep it interesting and dour at the same time.The arrangements are punctuated by some well-placed orchestration and overall this is very well put together blackened  doom metal.

Ceremonia hails from Paris, France, and yet, their vocals are done in Spanish, which remains one of life’s little mysteries.

The style is similar to Daylight Dies but it is a somewhat simpler affair. For a first album, the band manages to weave a complex sonic landscape and write and perform music at a sophomore level.

Job well done!

Rating: 3.5/5

Standout tracks: Anestesia Affliccion (I. Posesion II. Ascension III. Abismo)




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