21 September 2016

Review: Cover Your Tracks – “Fever Dream”

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Cover Your Tracks

Cover Your Tracks “Fever Dream” log

The Atlanta, USA four-piece – Paul Rose (vocals), Omar Magana (guitar), Cory Ferris (bass) and Brent Guistwite (drums) formed in 2014. Cover Your Tracks is pretty much standard fare metalcore (with a touch of industrial), with all genre cliches apparent in performance and production, but midstream switches to a more radio friendly progressive rock/metal format.

I have to say that the screamo vocals don’t suit Paul Rose too well and he seems to be at odds with his delivery. With that in mind, his melodic vocals are so good that it feels that the first three songs – “Spin the Bottle”, “Striking Matches” and “Bellow” were meant for another singer, and an A&R or producer made the band switch midstream to a more radio-friendly format. It is also possible that the band went with the first three songs in order to get into the “metal” category, as the other songs would hardly classify as such.

The band’s attempt at metal should have been left out and they should stick to the more melodic progressive rock with a touch of electronica and the long catchy choruses which they do so well. Overall, I cannot say that I am crazy with the production as the drums and guitars feel overly synthetic and some of the sampling is so cliché that I’ve heard them in video game libraries from few years ago. There are hints of brilliance, the phenomenal acoustic ballad “The Surge” being one example.

The musicianship is not bad at all, but I will have to say that it feels like a half baked affair. Hopefully their next one will be a more cohesive piece of work.

Rating: 3/5

Standout tracks: “The Surge”, “Are We Innocent”, “Good Enough”




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