01 January 2019

Dancing With The Dead New Years Eve Podcast

A special one hour edition of Dancing With The Dead where the main aim is silly, fun and bouncy songs with the hope of getting bodies moving for New Years Eve.
Or maybe a good Monday morning pick me up?
Includes tunes from
Motley Crue – kickstart my heart (Dance With The Dead Remix)
Andrew WK – party hard
Electric Six – gay bar
System Of A Down – bounce
Rob Zombie – the great american nightmare
Prodigy – warriors dance
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – the impression that i get
Capdown – ska wars
Flogging Molly – whats left of the flag
Limp Bizkit – rollin
KoRn – got the life
Rage Against The Machine – renegades of funk
Beastie Boys – so what`cha want (Cypress Hill Remix)
Ded – hate me