06 January 2019

Dancing With The Dead Nu Years Nu Metal Special Podcast

Every week Ben Jekyll aims to bring the best new tracks he can find from the worlds of rock, punk, metal and indie to the show.
This week things are a bit different, as we take a step back to 1999 and remember what things were like in the world of Nu Metal from donwtuned guitars, rapped vocals, big jeans, facial piercings and spikey hair!
The soundtrack is provided by
36 Crazyfists – slit wrist theory
Slipknot – spit it out (over caffeinated hyper mix)
Dope – paranoia
Chevelle – comfortable liar
Cortizone – cold
Limp Bizkit – stuck
Trapt – headstrong
Vacant Stare – w.m.f.m.s
Hybrid UK – respect 4 life
Enemo J – until the light takes us
KoRn – rotting in vain
Ded – anti everything
Cane Hill – sunday school
Blood Youth – starve
The Deadlights – amplifier
Spineshank – forgotten
One Minute Silence –
Trust Company – downfall
311 – freeze time
Shootyz Groove – the craze
Maximum The Hormone – what`s up, people?!
Mad Capsule Markets – gaga life
Dir En Grey – obscure
System Of A Down – prison song