14 April 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast April 13

Each week Ben Jekyll and Dancing With The Dead trawl the murky depths of the new music folder and try to find the best of whats available for your audio pleasure.
This week we found new noise from

XPTRS – temple
Slothrust – peach
Erica Drive – better man
Luna Kiss – you are
Cielo Drive – rise
Falling In Reverse – drugs feat Corey Taylor
After Smoke Clears – obsequious
Blood Command – return of the arsonist
Eat Dirt – death is death
Zebrahead – when both sides suck, we`re all winners
New Found Glory – eye of the tiger
The Interupters – i gave you everything
Knocked Loose – mistakes like fractures
Torqued – open wound
Tormenta – life`s duality
Enemo J – this is why we can`t have nice things
House Of Hatchets – moth song
Kill The Silence – all we are
Villainous – obsolete
HellYeah – 333
Hacktivist – reprogram
Heart of a Coward – drown in ruin
Rise of The Northstar – the legacy of shi
This Is Menace – avenue of heroes