13 January 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast January 12

Each week Ben Jekyll and Dancing With The Dead try to bring you as much new music from the worlds of rock, punk and metal as they can fit into 2 hours.
This week included new songs from
Habberdash – hear you say
Backyard Babies – good morning midnight
Penthouse – party ring
Lola Black – all in
MeMe Detroit – de moe
I Cried Wolf – brkn
Last Hounds – handmade
Waco – the jersey devil
Oomph! – Tausend Mann und ein Befehl
While She Sleeps – haunt me
Morton – cross off Feat Chester Bennington
Polaris – the remedy
Crystal Lake – lost in forever
All Else Fails – the pause
Luna Kiss – not afraid
Anthems In Ashes – ghost i know
Ignea – queen dies
Bexley – falling to pieces
Fallen Stars BC – this house
Hail The Sun – glass half empty
Mist – the offering
Beauty In Chaos – 20th Century Boy Feat Al Jourgensen
De Staat – mona lisa
Zebrahead – all my friends are nobodies
Dirty Americans – strange generation