16 June 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast June 15

Every Saturday night Ben Jekyll and Dancing With The Dead do their very best to bring as much new rock, metal and punk they can to your ear for two hours!
This week has new noise from
Shiran – a lonely quest
Wolf Jaw – hear me
Hemina – we will
Ruled By Raptors – braggart
Bad Flower – promise me
Trident Waters – be so bad
Bad Touch – baby get it on
Jailbirds – nothing good lasts forever
Majestica – above the sky
Northtale – higher
Netherhall – no looking down
Ghost Season – the highway pt 1 & 2
Stone Temple Pilots – big empty (acoustic)
Pelugion – bide my time
Siderian – the supplicant
Killerkorp – tp be the hunter
A Ritual Spirit – …the ever after
The Agonist – in vertigo
Goliath – alice
Bones UK – filthy freaks
The Beautiful Monument – reaper
Pendulum – watercolour