Adam Till

Managing Director

I got into rock music (or should say I fell in love with the scene) when I was seventeen years old, I used to be into the club underground scene when ‘Prodigy, the Jilted Generation album first came out. The first Metal Track that I ever listened to was Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”… I played it over and over again, I couldn’t get enough of it, think it was being pumped in to my veins! After that I started listening to other Rock/Metal & Grunge Music

Colin Kendrick


Most of my childhood was spent being forced to listen to my sister’s mix tapes of Kd Lang, The Cranberries, Morrissey, The Beautiful South and The Smiths. Trust me when I was a young lad that shit was not cool, especially with my sister’s unashamedly singing along out the car window. It was a blessing on a Saturday mornings when mother put on her Motown cassettes. I’ve gone through many changes over the years from pop to jungle

Tina Culbertson

Head Press Officer

I was 9 years old when I discovered rock music, sitting in my living room (probably playing My Little Pony) when I heard this amazing sound coming from the TV, it was 1987 and Def Leppard were performing their hit single 'Animal' on a weekly chart show called 'The Roxy'. I got up and stood right in front of the TV the whole time they were on. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, the long hair, ripped jeans, twin guitars and even a one armed drummer!

Lisa Billingham

Head Of Photography

Lisa is an internationally published photographer forming one half of Billibee Creative. She has a tremendous passion for rock music and photography and loves to combine both as often as she can. When not at gigs, Lisa can be found working alongside PR companies, agencies, festival organisers as well as managing a local band. With her full time job,and working in the Billibee Creative Studio, this sure makes for a very busy Lisa ….. #lovemylife

Angela Goncalves

Head Of Events

I must’ve been about 16 when I came across Nightwish’s ‘Wishmaster’ and it blew me away… I found a music genre that spoke to me so the search for more and more unconventional bands began and what a journey it’s been so far. At 18 years old I saw my first metal gig in London, Stratovarious and that was it, my passion for live music started. There is no feeling like the one you get when you are in the front row, I always say. One of my dreams was to be able to put on gigs and work with the bands I like

Yasmine Summan

Press Officer / Head Of News

I’m Yasmine, a passionate journalist student with a deep love for heavy metal and rock music. Music has been the driving force of change in my life and inspires me to live life to the fullest. I thrive from the music scene, there's a strong unity within the metal community of coming together, despite whatever chaos may be going on in the world, to enjoy good music! I also love journalism and keep myself busy by flipping between making youtube videos