14 April 2014

New release from Ad Noiseam Records, Detritus “The Very Idea”

11 years after his “Endogenous” debut, Detritus’s sixth studio album, “The Very Idea”, is released today on Ad Noiseam. This fourth release on the label this year in as many months (following 2methyl’s “Orb”, Mobthrow’s “Unfolded” and Broken Note’s “Black Mirror”, and preceding Underhill’s “Prologue”) is an intense, deeply touching and musically impressive work which will appeal not only to Detritus’s long time fans, but also to everybody coming across this act for the first time.adn177-banner

You can listen to several excerpts from the album here, or stream it all there. “The Very Idea” is immediately available on CD, as a limited edition poster (coming with a download code) or as digital files.

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