13 July 2018

Did You Survive Friday The Thirteenth? New Ice Nine Kills Video!

The horror loving band ICE NINE KILLS have released part two of their cinematic music videos taken from their upcoming album ‘The Silver Scream’!

It’s no secret that Ice Nine Kills like a good pun, even their last album was called ‘Every Trick In the Book’ and had the concept of key literature so as this album is about films it seems quite an apt name.

Before you watch the second instalment of this series it might be worth watching the first ‘The American Nightmare’.

The American Nightmare tells the story of A Nightmare on Elm Street where a group of teenagers are tormented in their dreams by a figure (Freddy Krueger). Except when the teens are hurt in their dreams they are also hurt in real life!

See how Ice Nine Kills use this plot in their own series of videos:


Thank God It’s Friday is the title of the second song to feature in The Silver Scream series.

This song tells the story of Friday The 13th where a young boy called Jason Voorhees drowns in a lake whilst at summer camp. His mother blames the camp of ‘Crystal Lake’ for the death of her son and thus tries to stop it from re-opening by murdering the teenagers setting it up. After Mrs Voorhees is stopped it is discovered that her son is still alive and continues to guard the lake from any intruders by murdering them.

See the story of The Silver Scream continue below:


The curse of crystal lake is born…

The Silver Scream comes out everywhere on October 5th 2018, pre-order it!