16 May 2018

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We are proud to announce our brand new app available on Google Play Store or the Apple Apps Store, below you will find out more about how you can access all the latest content, Radio Shows, Podcasts, Live Gig Photography, Reviews, the latest news articles and how you can join Midlands Metalheads Radio. 
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Go on your phone tap the Midlands Metalheads Radio app and hey presto the best in rock and metal genres will fill your ears! it's as simple as that. Connect it via bluetooth to many of your devices and turn it up to the famous 11!

With our easy navigation menu everything can be found all in one place, catch up on the latest content while listening to your favourite shows

Jump on to the Radio Schedule and check out what genre or Rock & Metal you want to listen to 

Want to know when the latest thrash show is on or just want to chill out to the blues on a Sunday night, it is all here for you 

Been at work or been out on a heavy saturday night of Moshing, Don't worry we have that covered. Our on demand service is here for you to listen again 

Listen to what your Favourite Rocker has to say. Get up close and personal with those that grace the stage. 

Want to buy an Album or EP, Not sure if you should buy it? Well don't fear read all about it here

Check out the Gods that made you into a metalheads. Our photographers are there catching all the best shots for your viewing 

Found out what's going on in the Rock and Metal media scene. Here you can find the latest Music news

Want to know more about us?. End of the day this station started by Rockers that had a passion just like you 

Here you can find extra sources from the website, Links to more details. Such as advertising on our station to a more indepth contact form for you to get in touch 

Catch up on the events up and down the UK, Or fancy advertising your event on our app and website. It is all here for you 

Want to send us a message, Want to get a track request in. well here's your place

Join our community!. be a part of Midlands Metalheads Radio as you can see it's already busy

Wake up to us or go to sleep Rocking out. 

Share us to your friends all via your social media. we will love you for it and might even send you a free Air Guitar