23 May 2018

Editorial News Manager

This unpaid voluntary position is a fantastic opportunity to get your foot in the door within the music industry, build your own personal profile and work with industry professionals

Midlands Metalheads are expanding our news team and looking for a co-editor to help manage and organise our news team.

You will be working alongside our resident news team editor as managers of the team to help organise the run of the news, overlook what news is going out that week, help keep everything in line and brainstorm new ideas for the upcoming weeks.

Here at Midlands Metalheads Radio LTD we’re looking for someone who’s a quick thinker, full of ideas, has good time management and is ready to bring something fresh to the table!

You must have experience in:

  • Working in a news department or something similar.
  • Understand the regulations of news including the legalities behind it, however we can teach you this.
  • Know how to cut and edit an article for publishing.
  • Have the patience and passion to take our news department by the horns.

You also must have an interest in the Rock/Metal/Punk scene as you’ll be working with it 24/7.

Having a degree or qualification in Journalism or Media isn’t a necessity, but is taken into consideration.


  • Oversee all activities in the news team i.e. what articles are going out that week, what articles are late on deadlines.
  • Editing articles before being published, correcting spelling errors, fact checking and cutting paragraphs down without changing the wording completely.
  • Oversee our news spreadsheet that collects all the articles scheduled to be posted in upcoming weeks and making sure our deadlines are met.
  • Brainstorming new ideas for news posts and understanding the news focal points/themes for upcoming months

Along with your CV please submit:

  • A cover letter telling us about yourself and why you want to work for us.
  • Please edit this brief introduction to an article as if you were making the final touches before it was published. Please feel free to play around with the wording and make as many changes as needed.

“The Brighhton, UK Pop-Punk British Four Piece Band, ‘As It Is’, recently dropped a hot new single that is playing with are emo hearts! “The Wounded World” premiered yesterday, with a music video following thAAST seems to focus on themes of bullying, depression and how our world is broken because of this.

“Shedding” from their innocent pop-punk shell developed in their earlier works, As It Is are cleary leaning into more heavier, punk,and, emo ,sounds on this track complimented with an even punkier, edgy style sported best by lead singer, Patty Walters, new hair.” .

Midlands Metalheads Radio LTD Is fully licenced in PRS And PPL