20 November 2018

Electric Boys – The Ghost Ward Diaries


Conny Bloom and his band of Swedish metal funksters descended on the Uk music scene in 1989 and won the hearts of many of those, who saw them promoting the much loved debut `Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride’, produced by the legendary Bob Rock. It hasn’t been a smooth journey on that carpet over the past near 30 years, the second album `Groovus Maximus’ in 1992,  remained in the funk vein, but it failed to impress as much as its predecessor and The Electric Boys split in 1994. After a spell as a solo artist and joining up with Hanoi Rocks, Mr Bloom reformed the band in 2009. A lot of touring and a couple of albums in recent years, the Boys remain constant and are still favourites with many of us .

`Ghost Ward Diaries’  is so called after the Stockholm ‘Ghost Ward’  Studios, where it was produced . You are immediately admitted with the raucous `Hangover In Hanover’. Released as a single in September this injection is fast running and sets the pace .  Next up is `There She Goes Again’, a quirky mixture of strumming with an anthem of a chorus, it’s an enjoyable ride, almost delving into the realm of Dogs D’Amour and The Wildhearts. Slower and more soulful `You Spark my Heart’, is a ballad that brings us back down, with excellent guitar breaks.

Into the groove that The Electric Boys call their own,`Love is a funny feeling ‘ is punchy funk, perhaps more mature than 1989, but definitely a strong contender for a single.`Gone Gone Gone’ is an unplugged, well written song, probably one that I will play over and over and it fits in perfectly, before the instrumental and Intriguing `Swampmotofrog’, swopping grinding riffs with racy scales and polished West Coast USA mellowness. 

`First the Money, then the Honey’, provides more Grooviness, yes I’m finding it hard to sit still now !  It gets even better with `Rich Man, Poor Man’, with added echos of Southern Swamp, triggering a psychedelic trip that continues into `Knocked out by Tyso’ epic down and dirty, upfront bump and grind , Funk Metal at its greatest . 

The `Diaries’ close on a haunting note, ‘One of the Fallen Angels’ it a power laden sing along , that finishes  with eerie menace.

I am so glad The Electric Boys have returned and have brushed aside all that stood in their way, more soulful, less Lips and Hips, yes, but this album is “different and full of fun” as Conny Bloom describes it. For me its another carpet ride with a lot more texture.

‘Funk Metal at its Greatest’

HIGHLIGHTS  – Hangover in Hanover , Rich Man Poor Man , Knocked out by Tyso.



”The Ghost Ward Diaries” is out worldwide on 23rd of November 2018

Pre-order here: http://targetshop.dk/electric-boys?lang=en