Date : 4 / Dec / 2018
Time : 19:00pm

Ragebreed Live Night Presents Blasphemer, Pemphigoid, Metal Artois

42 Crafton Street West, Leicester, LE1 2DE

Doors 7pm
The Musician Pub
£7 Tickets
£8 OTD
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Blasphemer – Grind Scene Records

“UK based old school death metal band”

Formed in Dewsbury England in 1990, Blasphemer released several highly acclaimed underground releases within the true old school cassette tape trading scene of the early 1990s.
Although the band would have the influx of various bass players and vocalists over the years, the core writing members and influence of the Blasphemer direction was, Mass Firth, Arno Cagna, & Andy Miller.A prominent live act during the period of 1992-1995 on the blooming UK underground circuit appearing on many Days of Death Fests around the UK.

Blasphemer received 5/5 reviews from Terrorizer magazine for their 2nd release “Dominion” and also topped the readers poll for best unsigned Act 1994/95. Although a 3rd unreleased demo was recorded during 1995 the band ceased to exist as Blasphemer that same year and then signed to Peaceville Records under the guise of Dominion.Dominion did release one of the last Blasphemer songs written on the Peaceville compilation cd “Under the Sign of the Sacred Star” in 1996. The two bands may have shared certain core personnel, but the direction is vastly different .

Fast forward to February 2015, the band entered the legendary Academy Studios once again to record a new demo with Dan Mullins overseeing the engineering work for drums and guitars and the band is reborn gigging once more and releasing music.


“Old fashioned death metal, raw, primal, churning and evil”

From Old England’s heart a new Devil is spawned! PEMPHIGOID unleash their sonic assault! Crushing slabs of old fashioned Death Metal, raw and primal, churning and evil!
The name of a rare autoimmune blistering skin disease, PEMPHIGOID was chosen as the band’s moniker. And this medical theme features prominently in the bands lyrics. Songs telling stories of disease, mental illness, surgery and various clinical institutionalised horrors…

It all began in mid 2016, when Rich (Drums) and Ash (Guitar and Vocals) first met in another local Death Metal band. They soon agreed that this project had a limited future, so they set out on their own. Their mission was a simple one; both desired a return to the Old School Death Metal sound of the late 80’s and early 90’s. PEMPHIGOID aimed for an emphasis on song writing over speed, and a prominence of brutality rather than technicality. Soon Bill joined the band on Bass Guitar, he shared this Old School ethos, and so the triumvirate was complete.

PEMPHIGOID play live frequently, and have become a firm favourite in their local music scene, they have also travelled to cities such as Leeds, York and Birmingham, to support the likes of Bloodshot Dawn, Ashen Crown, Blasphemer and Warlord UK.
The debut album ‘Where Compassion Comes to Die’ released in March 2018 (downloadable for free via bandcamp) cements the bands mission statement. OSDM for fans of Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Autopsy etc.

Metal Artois

“Premium thrash metal for your aural enjoyment”

We are a Leicester based 5 pieces ‘light-hearted’ Thrash Metal band who just love to play metal and have fun! The instrumentalists had worked in various projects through the years preceding Metal Artois and once they were in a room together the magic began to flow. After trying a few singers the legend that is Ant of STD, sorry SPD (StonePit Drive) entered the fray and had no idea what he had let himself in for! We have played various gigs and venues across the midlands and after a short hiatus (Due to growing up!) we have returned and will be aurally drilling our audience more than ever before!