22 August 2016

Extreme metal band AXSAENA release “Global Revolution” EP featuring vocalist CHRIS VIOLENCE

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European extreme metal band AXSAENA has released their new “Global Revolution” EP featuring American vocalist CHRIS VIOLENCE (ex-Cessation of Life). The EP is now available for download via the band’s official BandCamp website.

AXSAENA – “Global Revolution” EP tracklist

1. Gospel of Violence
2. Me Against The World
3. Any Last Words?
4. Burn It To The Ground

Chris Violence has checked in with the following comment:.

I met Zoltan Petres while I was doing my Traveling Damnation Show on Metal World Radio. I was regularly playing his earlier material on my show. In January of 2016 he contacted me and asked if I would be interested in recording vocals on a new track he had for an upcoming Axsaena EP. He told me he was looking for a more “Thrash Metal” sound. I was right in the middle of recording the vocals for my own “The Raven” (A Thrash Metal Opera) EP and to be honest, I needed a little break. So I shifted gears over to what would end up being called “Gospel Of Violence”. I was finished with it in only a few days. Zoltan immediately hit me up and asked if I would be interested in doing two more. I didn’t even hesitate and said yes. It took me a few weeks to complete the others and the rest is history.

AXSAENA band line-up

Chris Violence – Vocals
Zoltan Petres – Bass/rhythm guitar/drums/vocals
Sam Austin – Lead guitar

Official AXSAENA Facebook website

Official CHRIS VIOLENCE Facebook website

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