06 March 2017

Fire And Forge Festival 2017

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Fire & Forge Festival organisers have been hard at work and have recently announced the completion of their new website, along with the launch of their new brand Fire & Forge Presents, regular rock & metal nights at MBB’s in Warminster.

Doug, one of the organisers said “We are very excited about the year ahead as we have now added regular gigs to our armoury to help us grow the brand, this is of course in addition to the festival warm up shows we usually run around the area leading up to the festival.”

This year Fire & Forge will be held over two days on the weekend of October 6th& 7th, this is due to the venue’s error in double booking with the town carnival last year and the event being cancelled.

“The venue have been great in helping us get over the disappointment of last year’s cancellation by giving us an extra day as an offer of good will. This meant for us it was a no brainer to add the Friday night ! “, said Doug.

Line up announcements will begin on the 10th March according to the new Fire & Forge website, which has been given a real facelift and a strong rebranding. There’s plenty of info on there about the venue, previous years festivals, how to become a volunteer or a sponsor. Also on the site is the new band application page which Doug says,  “Due to trying to streamline ourselves and work smarter we have come up with a simple form to fill in for bands wishing to apply to play, previously we got applications from several different sources, social media, emails etc and it became very difficult to keep track of them all, now it’s simple and all in one place. “

So keep your eyes on the festival’s website and Facebook page for the start of the line-up announcements from the 10th March.

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