06 December 2018

Gods of the Fallen – Fallen EP

Fallen is the second EP from Hungarian band Gods of the Fallen. Their debut effort, Limitations, showed a range of influences, from nu-metal to death metal, melodic to thrash and they show no signs of settling on Fallen. Their official statement promises a ‘heavier and more melodic release’: not two words often combined by heavy metal purists, who far too often regard introducing melody as ‘selling-out’. But that’s a whole different issue for another article.

Back to the subject at hand, Fallen opens with As I Was Alive: a driving melodic piece introduced by a Linkin Park-esq piano motif. The guitar lines sound like Killswitch Engage or In Flames with more of a power/symphonic metal influence, and the double-bass drumming is just as unrelenting. The vocals are more restrained though, focusing on melody rather than power. Quite the opposite occurs on Memory Lane, where harsh, guttural vocals dominate over the more metalcore style guitar lines and breakdowns. Clean vocals return for the chorus, but the hooks don’t quite hit home. They just break the momentum generated by the verse parts rather than providing a follow up of equal value. The interplay between clean and screamed vocals is used to much greater effect on the final of the three tracks, Things That Never Change. This is where the promise of melodic AND heavy is really fulfilled. Melodic lead guitar plays alongside blast beats and earth-shaking growls in an opening twenty seconds that I could easily have mistaken for Insomnium before the more hardcore influenced vocals come in. The back and forth between vocal styles really helps build a sense of grandeur prior to the chorus. However, the chorus lets it down slightly as some of the held vocal notes sound a little shaky and weak compared to what comes previously (something that will undoubtedly improve with experience and practice).

With only three tracks clocking in at just under twelve minutes total run time, Fallen won’t demand too much of your time if you give it a listen. The number of influences crammed into those twelve minutes is quite impressive, even if they are worn openly on their sleeves, and makes for a diverse three tracks. There is nothing that will surprise fans of modern metal, melodic metalcore, melodeath etc. The style of riffs and lead guitar lines, for example, have all been used by multiple bands many, many times. So there needs to be some development there, and also some strengthening of the clean vocals. But for a band still in its infancy there is a lot of promise and I look forward to how Gods of the Fallen continue to develop their sound in the future.

Highlight: Things That Never Change

Fallen is available to purchase here.

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