09 May 2014

Greek demons SEPTICFLESH return with ‘Titan’

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SOM325Greek demons SEPTICFLESH are releasing their upcoming album ‘Titan’ on June 20th via Season of Mist.

“Titans are the most ancient of all the gods depicted in Greek mythology – even older than the Olympic deities. They represent the forces of nature. No other title could have been more apt to represent SEPTICFLESH’s ninth full-length. “Titan” is the power of darkness made manifest in music. Guitarist Christos Antoniou, who passed his academic studies of classical composition with honours and distinction, already proved his prowess for orchestration with “The Great Mass” (2011). Now “Titan” shows a level of maturity in his use of classical instruments in a metal context with no equal.”

The deluxe Digipak edition is to include orchestral versions of ‘Titan’ songs on a bonus CD. The album will also be available on regular jewel case CD.

There is also a rather special collector’s box set, exclusively sold on Season SOM325B-BOXof Mist’s e-shop. The box itself is constructed of board covered with silver paper and with the 3D Titan head embossed. It also includes an exclusive live CD that will only be available in this box plus an exclusive T-shirt, the deluxe 2-disc Digipak, poster, a giant metal magnet and a metal pendant, both in printed velvet bags.

‘Titan’ will also be available on black / white / transparent gatefold double LP limited to 150 copies, solid white gatefold double LP limited to 300 copies, transparent gatefold double LP with black, grey and white splatters limited to 300 copies, regular black gatefold double LP, cassette, and merchandising. The cover artwork of ‘Titan’ was designed by SEPTICFLESH front man Seth Siro Anton himself.

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