18 June 2019

Heist 2-11 – FIGHT (EP)

Newcastle-based metal band Heist 2-11 have recently released their EP “FIGHT“, which consists of four heavy tracks. Looking at the promotional posters and social media pages, the band already portay a sinister aesthetic. This, for me, really set the scene, and peaked my curiosity. Although wearing masks is nothing new to the metal scene, the fact that Heist 2-11 had gone with a theme, and coordinated, really made it impactful – like something you would see in Payday 2 or The Purge. It gives the band more of a personality, more personification.



The first track, “FIGHT“, really lays it out for Heist 2-11, with something you’d think you’d hear on Slipknot’s5. The Gray Chapter“. It certainly has the added charateristics of an anthem, with enough repetition and fist-pumping moments, that it could become somewhat iconic. One aspect of this track, which I feel lets it down, is that the chorus seems somewhat lacklustre in comparison to the other verses. The lyrics are deep, and the vibe is heavy, yet the chorus seems to lighten it up. Granted, this is quite possibly the very thing that turns it in to anthem status, however I think the chorus would have paired better with a different verse. It would have been nice to keep the sinisterness.

I Am Alive” is much more raw, and has been written stupendously. It definitely has a Stone Sour vibe to the first verse, but the song is still very much an original. This track is also heavier than its predecessor, with a more intense chorus. The effects of the masks come forward here, and you really begin to see the band’s potential. This track also stays very true to its sound, not diverting off to other genres or getting too jam packed with other influences. It’s the right amount of passion and power. This is certainly my favourite song from this EP.

Track three on this record is “Save Me” which opens with some juicy string action, building into a real head-banger. It’s catchy, it’s rebelious and a real foot-tapper. However, it comes back away from the heaviness again, and is much more melodic. At 3:15 on the track, it really could have added a redeeming heavy drop – pushing the band into new territory, and completing the song. The band certainly have the capacity to push themselves into different aspects of metal, which I believe would be very suited to their aesthetic. The masks are menacing and powerful, but I think the music they release in the future needs to match up to that more – otherwise it takes away the personality they bring, and essentially the masks just become an add-on.

Finally we have “Take Everything“, the last track on this EP. This song starts off with a much more creepy tone, which makes you think of somthing more in the style of Type O Negative. It quickly changes to something more similar to the previous tracks, and so I feel that it was a wasted opportunity to turn into a much more eerie song. Again, this could have been a great time to go for something much more sinister. There’s space here to let out a bit more anger, or perversion.
The guitars are heavy, and the vocals get gritty, which do make this a good final track. Overall, however, the eerie lead guitar doesn’t quite match up with the heaviness of the rhythmn guitar or vocals. This track continues for 6:32, which I feel is unnecessarily long for the type of track it is too. The dragged out eerie section would have been better if they had used sound effects, such as sirens or static.



– The songs were well written
– The band portrays a lot of personality, which you involve yourself in and want to delve deepr into
– It’s clear that Heist 2-11 have a range of skills, and I am excited to see how they develop
– I Am Alive

Areas of improvement;

– Match up the sound with the personality you have created, otherwise risk losing the interest you have already sparked
– Some parts of the tracks seemed like they were missing something, and so I feel that additions could be made which would take H2-11 into new aspects of metal


Overall, I really enjoyed this EP. It was well written, original and intriguing. I look forward to hearing more from them.

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