27 March 2019

HRH AOR Prestatyn Day 3 / Saturday 16th March

There was quite a storm last night, the fierce wind kept a lot of people awake in their caravans. So its good to see so many gathered at 1pm for the SYKKO DOLLZ in stage 2. Even if most are feeling the pain so early on this third day. These relative new boys only formed in 2015, but have already built up a strong following. Sleazy looking with faces painted white in masquerade style, the Dollz,  led by Gaz Harris on vocals are quite unique. You cant help but swing along to their chanting, easy going blend of Glam Rock and Sleaziness. Gaz rallies the faithful and its a really cool set. They produced an EP back in 2017 entitled ‘We Are The Dollz’ with a debut single ‘She’s My Girl’ and a brilliant song ‘ I Win You Lose’, which I would recommend to all. A really entertaining start to Saturdays proceedings. 

It is over to Stage 1 for a while and I take in PSYCHO KISS, I’m immediately blown away by the deep and bluesy vocals of Helen Ceri Clarke, very Debbie Bonham sounding. ‘Grit’ from the self titled third Album is the starter and as they carry on with ‘No Good Pretending’ ‘In Your Groove’ and Grieve For You’, I also appreciate the fine guitar of Paul O’Brien. Ending on ‘Bloodbath At The Disco’ which was the title of their second album in 2013, Psycho Kiss delivered. They are a decent band, returning to HRH, as they were here in 2015, they should have been further up the bill in my mind. Having supported Eric Martin from Mr Big, Inglorious, Vega and Hand Of Dimes, they are quite popular on the circuit so watch out for these South Wales favourites. 

SAINTS OF SIN follow in stage 1, I haven’t witnessed them before and sometimes you just don’t get it first time around. Although it’s a lively delivery, they’re a bit too cheesy and OTT for my liking.  The show is good enough and vocalist Rui Brito is determined to make it worthwhile. Sophie Burrell adds some fine guitar and the songs are ok, but something is lacking today. I have watched their video’s where they come across a lot better, so maybe the sound isn’t doing them any favours this afternoon. Will have to watch them again and give them the benefit of the doubt on this occasion. 

I remain in stage 1 and eagerly await THE ELECTRIC BOYS, Swedens finest funk/metal outfit. One of my favourite bands ever, having first seen them in 1989 when ‘Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride’ was released upon us. Devoted still, I have to go nearer the front and dance away to Conny Bloom and company. A mixture on tonights setlist, songs from the aforementioned album ‘Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride, ‘Groovus Maximus’ from 1992 and the new 2018 ‘Ghost Ward Diaries’. They never fail to give it their best, ‘Electrified’, ‘Knee Deep In You’, ‘Rags to Riches’ and ‘All Lips n Hips’ get us into the groove and latest offerings ‘Down Down Down’ ‘You Spark My Heart’ continue the uplifting euphoria until ‘Swampmotofrog’ brings the show to an end. Buzzing now, I have to sit down in the bar !

The view from the bar isn’t good, so I have to wander around the floor to get a decent look at PRETTY BOY FLOYD. Hollywood comes to Prestatyn, these Glam, Hair Metal stalwarts are of a breed rarely seen these days, as most of their contemporaries are long gone or have changed their appearance. Starting out in 1987,  PBF are best known for the classic ‘Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz’ LP that debuted in 1989. We hear the title track and ‘I Wanna Be With You’ a slower ballad, contrasting with the more outrageous numbers ‘Rock and Roll Outlaws’, ’48 Hours to Rock’ and ‘Your Mamma Wont Know’. We are also blessed with covers of Motley Crue’s ‘Run For Your Life’ and ‘Live Wire’ which they close on. It was a long set, 1 hour 10 minutes but I think most enjoyed it. 

The former DANGER DANGER frontman TED POLEY is headlining, he’s been seen all over the HRH camp this weekend, enjoying himself and mixing with everyone, what a star. What an entertainer as well, lots of DD hits come flying, ‘Bang Bang’,’Feels like Love’ ‘Crazy Nites’ and ‘Don’t Walk Away’. Ted is backed by the Swedish band DEGREED and its a great partnership. He is a true showman and joins the crowd, a couple of times getting into the thick of it, riotous fun and a fantastic end to the main event. 

For the die hards and me, it’s a quick shifty over to stage 2 to see HEAVY PETTIN who come on at midnight. Back in 1983 I did see these at The Reading Festival, although its a bit of a blur! Throughout the 80’s they were up there touring with Ozzy and Kiss and the songs still hit you, from the distant past ‘Roll The Dice’ and ‘Love x’s Love’ are laid bare. Stephen ‘Hamie’ Hayman on vocals belting them out, as if time had stood still. Shame they were on the smaller stage, they could have easily played on stage 1 earlier on, cranked it up and they would have been blistering. Great finish though and all too soon we say goodbyes and retreat into the night. 

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