28 September 2018

Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream

Ice Nine Kills are soon to release their fifth studio album and it’s concept is definitely a tall order: thirteen anthems based on thirteen respective horror classics. As a band, Ice Nine Kills are no stranger to horror inspired lyrics and are one of the only bands currently labelled under the infamous “theatricore” genre, so it’s no surprise they’ve decided to make an album like this. But will it live up to the hype? Let’s find out…

We start off with “The American Nightmare”, a song which gives you a multitude of different sounds and concepts that resonate throughout this entire album. In regards to the actual music, it varies from what I would describe as “soft” post-hardcore to pretty much deathcore, with bits of alternative rock and gothic rock thrown in places because …why not. In most of these songs, this variation works wonders. One second you want to flip over a table, and the next you feel like emotionally screaming emo lyrics like you’re 15 again. A particular song where these sounds flow together perfectly is “Thank God It’s Friday” (based on, you guessed it, Friday the 13th). There are some points during the album where the rapid change in sound is …well too rapid, but for the most part Ice Nine Kills continue to fit in to the modern post-hardcore sound with this album.

But don’t go thinking this is any normal post-hardcore album. The horror element is everywhere in this album. This mostly consists of very creepy singing/screaming/readings of quotes from the horror films the songs are from, and it’s mostly sung by the actual vocalists. For me, this makes this album truly one of a kind. For the most part, they don’t just use a sound clip from the movie, they really make each quote their own and you feel like you are really hearing these stories for the first time.

A sour point of this album is that some songs rely too heavily on a catchy radio-rock chorus, which in itself is not a bad thing, but when compared to the songs where the screaming is so fast you feel like you can’t keep up, it seems dull by comparison. For me “Savages” is the prime example of this. I didn’t notice anything particularly heavy in this song, there wasn’t any horror elements, and the chorus of “We are the savages” is just way too predictable for me.

But let’s have a few more good points before I finish this off:
– The song “Merry Axe-Mas”. Honestly you can throw away any other metal themed Christmas song you’ve ever heard. This is the only one you will ever need.
– The song “Rocking The Boat” features ex Ice Nine Kills vocalist Jeremy Schwartz. Not only is this a must listen for any hardcore Ice Nine Kills fan, but as someone who isn’t the biggest fan of this band, I really enjoyed the different twist his vocals gave to this song compared to the rest of the album.
– The song “IT Is the End” has a circus/show feel to it thanks to the addition of members of Less Then Jake and Fenix TX. It adds to the creepy feel of this song even more and I love it.

Overall I enjoyed this album. The theatrical nature of this album won’t appeal to everyone, but for the most part this album is a must listen for any horror movie fans.

Find Ice Nine Kills here:

The Silver Scream is released on 5th October and is available for pre-order here.